Build a bouquet

Build a bouquet

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1Today we build a bouquet. I’ll show you a diagram, a kind of sketch, from which you can assemble any shape. Such imaginative assemblage repeat exactly extremely difficult, and not necessary. It is not necessary to try to do it. Nafantaziruyte his version, and I’ll show you the principle that all this can create! Again, I will not show the individual elements of the bouquet, all MK we have! We will need: Satin ribbon 5cm wide (for the base of the flower buds), 3.8 cm for sepal flower buds, and 2.5 cm for the leaves (in this embodiment, the green and shiny); organza ribbon 2.5 cm for the white flower; wire; beads round green for leaves and an oval for the stamens, a little thick fishing line for protruding stamens and beads, beads for 2 holder white flower; base – clamp “crocodile” high 12 cm, acute Scissors, Round, cautery (or scissors + lighter), glue Moment Crystal hot gun (if any), tweezers, in short all our kanzashnye tools and the most important point – fantasy, imagination and fantasy again !!! The first thing that you need – see in your own mind what you want to do! At least about! Absolutely I do, by the way, never got. During assembly, be sure to change anything, it is already a fact. But at least the main, central flower (lotus, rose, or your own), the number of buds form. The next step, make Circuits. I will not show the creation of the main flower is the lotus, made ​​by MK “Lotus kanzashi” from Antares . For sepal buds were very comfortable calla petals , buds look good, and insert them with no problems. Again, double, and so keep their shape. So we prepared the main flower petals are made ​​of green calla for buds. Let’s begin: 2

Collect bud on a stem. Bite off a piece of wire, about 9-10 cm. We need a smaller, but it’s just in case, how do we know how to have crepes, so it is better to have a reserve. Pliers make a loop on the wire. Slips made ​​in green calla petal dripping glue onto the loop and presses:



Make a 3-lobe inverted for proper bud and paste to glue in cheshelistnik. Here’s how someone handy, you can immediately glue the three together, but you can insert one by one:


The buds are ready, I have two of them:


I wanted to do more just sepal without buds. Here is a little different, because the middle, must be visible and its something close.Of course beads. Therefore, sticking her hot gun on the tip of the wire is inserted into the green sepal, bottom bead of glue and pressed more:


Turned hard and beautiful! You can, of course, as well as in the bud, make a loop of wire and more smear, smear rather taller and paste it, but then the form will be flattened sepal. And inside the bead is beautiful!


Next, the white flower of organza. You can make full, but you can such veeropodobny. But here I was faced with the problem of how to strengthen … Invented – take a piece of wire, make a loop again and paste it, paste it into the fan or rather:


And then close it all icky two obnimatelyami for beads from two sides:


And now to begin the fun! Actually assembling it all into one … First of all, I thought that if a bunch of stamens glue on one … So just dripped hot pistol and turned this minibuketik in one element.Oh, and the stamens, and the beads on the line simply glued on the tip of her hot gun, where do without it. You can also glue beads to the buds:


Now take one of the buds and one sepal, slightly curl them together. Here we have a fairly long povertet main flower and our first twist, choosing the angle of inclination (just bend the wire) and place attachment.In this I can not help you – all highly individual, but I have to say, I usually turn my long, putting this way and that until I find a solution that would be “ah.”Chose? Excess wire, if it exists, can be cut off, but you can bend twice as I am, and pour it all hot gun! When slightly cooled, lightly finger drown glue inside the main flower.Just wait until the cool down, otherwise polkleya remain on the finger, and you can get burned. Do not rush. The first phase is already visible. We sit and admire, but my head trying to think of where to apply:


And then repeat the process with the following elements. What and where? How to invent! Two, one – also individually. The main principle, bend the wire at an angle slightly (well, about 120 degrees,try on!), stick to the base of the main flower and a drop of glue to try to make a flat, flatten it, 



At first I wanted to do without the green island of petals, but realized that somehow Golovataya and decided to add. How many? From the lantern. How much is seen. Not enough – you can finish.Pasted them down below the main flower, some in the region of the buds, angled slightly to sticking up.Just down the green petal smear glue, paste and presses. You can put it on the forceps as tweezers to insert a sharp petal maznut glue and attach where charted. First, of course, to try how it would look:


Now close the nightmare that we have formed from buds and gluing of everything, a piece of tape. Especially not done, she took a scrap:


Now all this construction put on a clamp or crab, where we want! Yes, the process is complicated, but worth it. Get ready for a long spinning, psycho, periodic peel, bending wire, shorter creative process. But the result will please you !!!

Ready bouquet from different angles:






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