How to do butterflies art

Today I want to introduce you to another master class with the presence of butterflies

For those who are not familiar with this style, I will mention only the main features:
– usually plain background with little shades;
– the main motive is applied using simple and clear lines and, as a rule, takes up almost the entire background;
– lack of prospects
Idea It inspired on the Internet, but done much differently. I hope the workshop will be useful for teachers to work with children, parents, or simply those who love creative people.
We need: gouache on paper (format can choose optional), white outline, brushes

Begin to fill background in red to the middle of the sheet

From above, since the middle of the red, yellow color cover. Colors should stir and turn orange.

The lower part of the cover pure yellow. There stretching from red to yellow

Getting to the tree. PLANNED barrel black paint


Small parts of branches


More smaller curls


Draw the bottom of the pot


Drawing butterflies. You can use the templates.


Getting “revive” in white. I took a white acrylic paint. Who does not, then you can draw gouache, but try that on the brush was less water. With children, we will paint it in gouache.


Near as I made out one of the butterflies


And here is all decorated

Add the white lines on the grass

And trunk


And then I took a white outline. Who has not, you can put the point of the white gouache or acrylic paint.
And our picture is ready!



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