Butterfly rug

Butterfly rug

Butterfly rug

Here is my new carpet work. He makes a small class who could be useful. The size of the butterfly 70 cm height, wingspan of 115 cm.


This is the flip side of the mat. As you can see, you can use any scheme for embroidery cross.


Feedback enlarged.


We need stramin. Stramin- is such a rigid and fairly large canvas with a special type of weaving.


Hooks for embroidery and carpet yarn. I gather up a few different residues (remains after knitting)


Knife and scrap plastic tube (left after the replacement of the water supply). Let’s cut the yarn. Neatly pulls and cut.


8 (1)

crochet work.


Since I needed a big butterfly, I just drew a sketch in gouache on paper. Plans did not choose, the size of the search for a long time. Stramina was only 115 cm.


On paper it imposed stramin and just took in drawing and gouache. Cut along the drawn shape, sheathed piping.


Nearly beginning.

10 11 12 13

So much like a butterfly, it was convenient to operate on a table planted chipboard. A small scrap (50 * 20 cm)

14 16

Well, she is a beauty !!! Thank you for stopping by.


Courtesy: stranamasterov.ru

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