Carriage decorative roses

Carriage decorative roses


Charming truck

Next, the text of the author:

  • Materials:
  • Two cover for an album with Dovecraft;
  • A thin wooden stick for barbecue and a thick stick from the land;
  • Design from the knife, awl, punch (for installation of eyelets), stylus, the usual brush painting;
  • cardboard wheel (I used sheet of yellow cardboard 30×30 Bazzill)
  • Knives chain from Spellbinders, than a set of Tiny Tags (Cuttlebug), machine for cutting Cuttlebug;
  • Building tape, double-sided tape;
  • Paint Crackle Paint – Peeled Paint;
  • two eyelets;
  • PVA glue, super glue. Size 8 strollers 5 x 12 cm, height 3 cm walls, handle length of 7 cm. On the cover Dovecraft size 15×15 cm, I made ​​the following marking pencil



And cut with a knife Prototyping parts:


Make an incision with a knife-imitation boards (not deep cuts, cardboard cut by a mere 1/3):


From the remnants of chipbordu made vertical planks and paste them using PVA glue to the side walls:


Using PVA glue glued all the details:


And painted blank green paint crackle paint. Since many of the details are very small had to use a regular brush to paint and apply paint it:


Since the paint is thick, it filled the openings that mimic board. Therefore, using an awl I cleared openings of paint:



Next began the most difficult stage – the wheels. For the manufacture of wheels I used yellow cardboard Bazzill, knives Spellbinders and construction adhesive tape. With construction at a gallop bonded blades (that they did not go and size pieces for wheels always remained stable):


Yellow sheet of cardboard 30×30 cm cut into 3 strips 10h30 cm and plastered with two of them wide bilateral tape:


Typewritten Cuttlebug carved 8-billet wheels (6 strips of coated bilateral adhesive tape, and 2 strips of remaining without tape):



Thus each wheel I consists of 4 layers of yellow cardboard. From the remnants of yellow cardboard, without double-sided tape cut out thin strips (8 pieces):


I cut each strip into two and stick to a small circle (a circle playing an important role – it significantly increases the stability of the wheels) as follows:


At the top with strips of closed another circle and cemented grommet (which will be attached the wheel axle – thin sticks for barbecue). As a result, one of the wheels I got the following: two round billet, billet with stripes and again two circular blanks. Here’s what my wheelchair wheel:


For fastening of wheels to the stroller I used this one knife from Provocraft. Use it to cut out two pieces of cardboard.


Each of them bent and glued to the bottom of the trolley:


I also made a backwater with chopsticks for sushi (which is based truck in front). And finally graced the carriage decorative roses:



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