Case for e-books

Case for e-books

Case for e-books

May pole iPad bag “quality” to her office
Share A modern ipad bag containing a polar “substance”, which would be a nice style of your own, not to be confused with anyone!



A modern ipad bag containing a polar “substance”, which would be a nice style of your own, not to be confused with anyone!


You need to prepare the following materials:

– Fabric: two or more different pieces, homogeneous or raw cotton, patterned harmony with each other, you can take advantage of using rags. Add a thin cotton cloth lining pockets.

– Brace Fabric: colors stand out from colored cloth bag, you can buy ready or do

– Mech quilted cotton cloth or thin to pocket more smoothly

– Zipper: length equal to or more than 1 cm of ipad – 2cm


Step 1:

Cut the fabric into small squares evenly. Use eyeliner on the left side of the square diagonally. Face to two squares of different colors in different fabrics, put fits, may assemble two parallel lines either side were those who diagonal, diagonal seam that way about 0.5cm. May finished you cut diagonally has two guys to be grafted fabric, fabric TE extends 2 squares you have been grafted fabric, each cell consists of two triangular composite fabric.




Step 2:

Apply double-sided to two squares of fabric together, draw a line perpendicular to the diagonal cross was sewing, sewing and then merging the two squares of fabric with diagonal lines parallel to both men and about 0.5cm . Then cut diagonally to be two guys just fabric, fabric expansion te you are 2 squares each cell transplantation fabric that consists of four triangular composite fabric.




Step 3:

May graft fabric squares together into a cloth bag large enough to ipad. It will be a rectangular piece of cloth transplant, with sides of length plus width thickness of the iPad, of course, plus the garment 2cm to other bands. The long side of the rectangle is 2 plus 2 times the width times the thickness of the iPad, of course you also add 2cm to also sew hem.

Spread a thin piece of cotton flip flip side, covered with a cloth or cotton quilted coat fusing thin cloth top that flips out to transplant. As a flat surface fabric and fabric also helps to stick together. Cut lining fabric and fusing (or quilted cotton) cloth according transplantation. Stable metal pins. Finally sew quilted cotton lines follow the edge of the fabric seam compound


Step 4:

May splint for two large sides of the cloth bag.


Step 5:

Then you zippers to pair the two sides brace together, this will be the Bag. If you have not mastered sewing you can lock simplified this task by using fabric glue to glue each half brace lock on one side.


Step 6:

Pull back and unfortunately locked brace for the two sides of the bag, wrap the fabric brace for both front and back pockets, seam will go through all 6 classes (including double-layer shell fabric pocket, two pockets and lining two Quilted cotton layer) so you need to adjust the sewing thick fabric suitable mode. If the sewing machine is not guaranteed thickness, then you should whipping each brace on one side pocket.


With smart fabric graft, graft fabric will be quite fast and straight lines fitted standard. Motifs grafted cotton fabric with quilted lines highlight the cell transplant helps your ipad bags charming handmade quality than ever before.

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