Case for cellular

Case for cellular

Case for cellular

This article will tell you how to make your own hands Case for cellular and embroider on it with beads peacock feather.


First, I very accurately measure the cell phone, which was to make its case. If you want to make a case for the cell as a gift, you need only know his model, and to find the size of the Internet.
After that, I decided to sew a bag for about a Pattern: How to sew beaded peacock feather, I have decided after long viewing photos from vacation, it i also schematically drawn.


Once all details have been thought through, I carve out 4 almost identical parts from the fabric. Two almost the size of a cell (lining), and two – with plenty of allowances (outer side).
I cut out all the parts from the same fabric, but it would be better if it was lining from smooth slippery tissue, and the outer parts – from dense fabric.
In one of the biggest parts I schematically outlined in pencil future beadwork.
Exactly how to sew beads, I decided after some brainstorming on the forum, it was there that I also have advised to sew beads as kindly drawn to the scheme:


Beginning in the center of the pen, I began to embroider his beads, and then began to fill in the background rows of blue beads.


With a back big mate, I have to finish feather embroidered its shades of green beads and then just fill the background of rows of blue beads.


That’s ready bead work both halves of the case for the cell.


Then I folded right sides mutually outer sides of the case, embroidered with beads and lining which has not yet been activated. On the top edge of each pair, I paved the small hand stitch.


I cut off the excess seam allowance, leaving a very small, made ​​a notch in the bend of the joint. When reversing received stitches get two parts of the case for the cell:

8 (1)

Now, I wrenched the seam on top of the case back, folded parts Lining the front side and paved the tight seal around the circuit components.


Once I trimmed the excess seam allowance padding, case for cellular gained almost finished look.


Now I trimmed the excess seam allowance on the remaining details and start to sew them a hidden seam, tucking in.


You’re just sew beads on top of those places where the joints to completely hide them. This is a case for a cell and ready!



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