Case for phone hook

Case for phone hook

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Case for phone hook


, I received the gift of a new mobile phone and ponder, not whether to tie me a new cover for your phone hook? It all started with the fact that I rummaged in their bins and found two wonderful, but unfortunately, small pieces of skin. A dark green color, and the other – dark beige. On my phone them a little lacking, but very much they were wonderful, and so had to get out. As a result, I soon got tied with crochet cover for your phone, not knitted 🙂 Of the two pieces of leather, I cut a rectangle with rounded top – to carve out a maximum possible area.

Then on the back of the light parts made markup: put down the perimeter point. The distance between points – 5 mm, the distance from the edge of the part – also 5 mm. Then, using forceps, punches made on the spot points holes 2 mm in diameter


Then again rummaged in the bins and found just such a wonderful napkin decoupage.


I entirely her, of course, will not use, and will take only a couple of butterflies and a pair of leaves. The skin surface I pre-degreased with alcohol. Then carefully cut the desired part of me wipes located on the workpiece. And then missed napkins with white glue with a soft synthetic brush, trying to straighten all the folds and expel any air bubbles. Immediately after bonding until wipes, toothpick, I went through all the holes, which were plastered with a napkin. And left to dry for half an hour.


After the glue has dried, covered the entire part two layers of matte acrylic varnish with intermediate drying in an hour.


Then took the yarn Yarn Art Violet, bright green blends, and hook №1 and began tying the cover for the phone hook.


Beginning undergirding the green part from the upper right corner. In the angular aperture led loop (Figure 1), knit one air loop (Figure 2) and the second (Figure 3). At the same hole knit two columns without nakida (Figure 4). Then provyazyvala three column without nakida into each hole on the upper side of the part (Figure 5). In the angular aperture of the upper left corner knit six bars without nakida (Figure 6). On the other three sides of the items in each hole provyazyvala on two columns without nakida (Figure 7). A hole in the bottom corners of doing a combination of “three columns without nakida – air loop – three columns without nakida (Figure 8). Placing this item in a circle, back to the hole from which the start knitting, made with a three column without nakida and cemented thread.


Do the same with beige detail. Only left after the long string to make it both halves of the cover.


Details folded wrong side together and sewed a simple stitch over the edge, the loop in the loop, catching only one wall of each loop.


That such a result was a beauty, but for my phone, unfortunately, a bit short 🙁


So I knit top with a number of columns nakida (bundles of three columns in each third loop), and then a number of columns without nakida.


And in the end a little trick: to knit top is not too hesitated and held the form, I missed him a small amount of white glue;) If you choose to crochet Case for phone, choose a bright thread. I turned bright summer odezhka for the phone to lift yourself up cold autumn 🙂


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