Cases with plastic bottles

Cases with plastic bottles

Cases with plastic bottles

It’s here the craft of every month! That special that I like to Grow Happy Magazine … and today will love what I bring! ? What little he does not like to paint? Truth that fill our home with their drawings and creations every day? At the same time we started to put together a real collection of his art, pencils, crayons, markers accumulate throughout the house. Keeping them in order can be an ordeal! But not to worry! My idea today can help resolve the dilemma of where to put much color original and practical way. A small safe your love! Looking for a plastic bottle and a brightly colored zippers school kits to prepare in minutes. A very easy and also teaches us to recycle!


We need:

  • Small plastic bottles (2 each).
  • Cutter.
  • Scissors.
  • Hot glue gun.
  • Small colored zippers.


Prepare bottles: the first thing you have to do is prepare the bottles. Once inside clean, remove labels and other adhesives. If we glue residue can remove it with a little nail polish remover.


To shorten! Each school case we will need 2 plastic bottles do the same. To start with the cuts we have to start with the cutter. We drill the first line we will follow and then continue with scissors. Concerned only the supports or bases of the bottles, the peak discard it. Will cut closer to the peak (larger part) and a more distant peak (smaller piece) bottle. Check that the cuts are as straight as possible.


Prepare zippers: Before you begin to hit the racks, prepare their initial ends. Zipper open slightly, and hot glue gun stick end (the fabric left over from the metal stop) folding them back so they do not protrude


A paste: we will assemble the kits! We take the hot glue gun, carefully applied on one edge of the zipper open and began to beat on the edge of one of the pieces of cut bottles. Keep in mind start to hit the beginning of the zipper, not his end!


We continue beating until the end of the first side. If the rack is larger than the circumference of the bottle, just stick it in. To glue the other piece of bottle, you must close a little zipper and paste the free starting end on the rack as shown in the photograph.


Now it only remains to glue the final piece applying glue on the free edge of the zipper. Our kits are ready!

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If you want you can customize further with washi tape or acrylic paints.



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