Casket from orange

Casket from orange

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Casket from orange

Entertaining confess case. But it requires accuracy. These are, however, not yet perfect, get casket. But I was pleased with it …


and this – from cover. Though with holes, but still convenient to store in it all that is removed from the home …


View exotic when placing clear that it is the skin. It is not clear, and those whose are interested in this (I called it a substrate for jewelry) pieces. Nice to hold in their hands …

Then I tell and show how doing >>>>>

Thus, an orange cut in half (I somehow perfect cut does not work). We take out the pulp with a spoon – the process requires caution, if you use a knife, you can damage the skin. For the first time after this session I was all splashed with orange juice. I did not like as an assistant and citrus – a lot of reserves membranes, which are difficult to clean, to me, anyway …


These are halves of an orange. Then soak them in a solution of hot water (not so) of water, add about a tablespoon of baking soda.


Leave the solution for 12 hours.


Now such peel out from the solution.


gently wrenched inside out … About wash – do not know what to say. These are not washed, they were dripping, but got the same … There are those that washed. In short, there is a place for observation and analysis …


I pulled on the form. And secure with rubber bands. Here I was cutting gloves, mistakenly believing that the wider the band, the better. It was found under the rubber bands are, that is, it must be moved from time to time. Then I use a regular gum-tape.

Another important detail: that the casket was closed, the upper part of it should be a little wider, longer bottom. Forms need appropriate. I did not have. I decided to pull one half of the bottom of the cans, the other – on the neck of the same, but the other banks. And it was not right. The skin, which pulled the neck, not dried up. Apparently, the space hurt.


Dry halves did not last long. Mine were ready for the next evening. See how ugly, but I did not stop. Traces of the gum should not scare us. Above – the outer side. Below – inside.

8 (1)

Now simply paint with acrylic paint. I chose orange. And Black.


glitters half of that last paint orange fabric.

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Next – to paint. Point. Different colors, without any order.

10 11

varnish, admired again varnished ..


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