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  • How to make a candle holder

    Made delicately with Shilpkar this candle holder with twigs painted in an antique manner deserves a center space on your dining table. With a tealight candle place in between the light rays permeate so beautifully […] More

  • rainbow parrot

    How to make a beautiful rainbow parrot

    I will show you how to make a beautiful Rainbow parrot with quilling strips. Things needed : 1.Quilling Board 2.Paper Strips[ Neon Green , Yellow , Red , Black , Navy Blue,Sky Blue,White] 3.Needle 4.Glue […] More

  • Fringed Daisy

    How To Make Fringed Daisy

    How To Make Fringed Daisy Some of you have asked me how I make my daisies smile emoticon it’s really quite simple, it just takes a bit of patience and care . They are made […] More

  • beehive technique

    Quilling- beehive technique

    Quilling- beehive technique Rapid filling of an arbitrary area or volume monotonous delicate swirls, obtained by using a tool on a long strip, with an imitation of mosaic effect. Most often used in conjunction with […] More

  • peacock of nylon

    How to make peacock of nylon

    Peacock of nylon Peacock -different color pieces of nylon (we sell kits) ..Wire, different diameters, objects to cheat on them wire, glue. First, twisted wire, wrapped with a cloth. Gives wire shape of a bird, […] More

  • Spring crocuses of corrugated paper

    We need to work or crinkled crepe paper, scissors, floral wire, floral tape green and good humor Torsion, folding Fold the two halves together, giving them a convex shape Now chop the stamens Screw the […] More