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  • quilling wall mirror

    How to make quilling wall mirror

      Hi friends.. In this video you will find how to make beautiful quilled mirror using ornamental quilling shapes with step by step procedure. More

  • flower fairy girl

    How to make flower fairy girl from quilling

    Let’s make quilling flower fairy girl. In the work, I used strips from 1.5 to 3 mm. The process of work. The picture was pasted into a file and a lock behind a string “increased” […] More

  • How to make quilling guitar

    How to make quilling guitar The work is done in the technique of graphic quilling, strips 8mm, cardboard 270-300g. The size of the work is 27×32. A frame of unusual size, such we are sold […] More

  • quilling flower necklaces for girls

    How to make quilling flower necklaces for girls

    Wanna try something fresh? Let’s have a try on quilling flower necklace for girls! In today’s Pandahall tutorial, you will learn how to make quilling flower necklace and you must enjoy yourself much! Materials Needed […] More

  • How to make quilling flower

    Hello, dear fans of quilling! This time I did not exotic, but our family and all your favorite flowers vasilechki! So, my composition consists of the nth (lost count!) Number of cornflowers. They have two […] More

  • How to do madhubani paintings from quilling

    In Hindu mythology, Surya aka the sun god represents the visible form of the divine, one that you can plainly see every day. Depicted as a red man with bright eyes and four arms, the […] More

  • a quilling vase

    How to make a quilling vase

    Many of us have old vases at home. Either we throw them out or keep them in the store room so that they don’t spoil the look of our house but now lets them give […] More

  • How to make a quilling butterfly panel

    Good day to all Peoples like to decorate their home with different as such beautiful things. Here I’m trying to make a Quilling product. Let’s start The size of work – half A4. Next – photos […] More