Cats, rabbits and carnival of the animals

Cats, rabbits and carnival of the animals

Cats, rabbits and carnival of the animals


The starting material – a cardboard cylinder of toilet paper (or
a small cylinder, glued cardboard). Look at who we’re
going to turn it!

Please do tucks on both sides, flattened cylinder of the top.


Then do gentle folds around the edges (approximately 2 cm depth). The result is such a form with the ears? Whom she remind you of?


You can
deploy these bends and pasted colored paper. Then on the planned
lines to make bends again. Now you can begin to design
crafted by the animal.


Suppose, for example, it will be a cat, perhaps, relax in Tahiti. Skirt can glue strips of candy wrappers from a variety of paper or fabric.


make curved folding technique. Cut out the curved tail.
In the midline’s go with the push of a stick or rod, performing


Perevernёm and make a bend on planned midline.


now turned this initial figure in a bunny! All parts are cut from
paper and cotton discs. Cotton pads can be tinted the edges of
felt-tip pens or markers when applying them sideways and take short


To use the technique to open them haircuts napkins, just connect together two cotton pads, stapler hold them and cut the workpiece. Make an incision along the edges and a little touch up marker. Then, picking up the layers to fluff piece.


The tail is also two cotton disks connected by a stapler. Just need to cut a smaller circle.

Well, the New Year symbol of the year is already trying a festive cover of candy wrappers and cotton pad. You can go under the Christmas tree!


 more work

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