Caviar soap making

Caviar soap making

Caviar soap making

You know how to make sandwiches with caviar? ..


Well, I’ll tell you how to get here is a tasty sandwich


Take the soap base – just 10 grams


Melt in the microwave, without boiling, to “defrost” and add the orange dye.


It is – to form a sandwich. I prayer clay on a dry piece of bread, top to stick beads, the size of the eggs, and flooded compound.


Fill the eggs with hot soap and water.


I did not do it very carefully, I have not worked – a skill lost.


Therefore, when the eggs are frozen, remove excess.

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Making oil. melting in half white and transparent manner. Adding a drop of perfume and oil, stir. Pour the eggs. I leave it to freeze – stand to accelerate the cold. Making bread crust. Just melt the piece of white base with the addition of brown dye. Paint Brush crust. For realistic do the same with yellow. On the frozen myle- “oil” knurled – layers to better grasp. Melt the white base, add a drop of brown, pour the “loaf” . Subject to freeze. froze Sandwich, removed from the mold – carefully. Trim any excess. And my photos a few years ago:

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