Chain of wire

Chain of wire

We continue messing with wires. Look what kind of chain you can do it!


  • What we need to do: Round and any suitable wire (such as copper), cut into pieces 2.5 cm
  • Round grab the tip of the wire
  • And fold loop
  • Now twirl the exact same loop only in the opposite direction on the other end of the wire should happen is such a part.
  • Flat part of pliers gently but firmly squeeze twisted loop. This step is necessary in order to rectify and strengthen the curved ends
  • For smooth bend take part exactly in the middle colon part pliers for a wide loop
  • Clenched loops as long as they do not touch. Pliers hold exactly in the center
  • Flat part of the loops with pliers squeeze. We act without fanaticism, so as not to damage or scratch the metal
  • We got the first link! And now we have to repeat the procedure many times … And nothing complicated, right? You can start exercising. On what? Yes, even on the clips!

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