Cherry candy

Cherry candy

Cherry candy

In this master class we will learn to make candy out of cherries. Decorated so candy will be very original look at your desk and just to entertain friends such candy will be very pleased.

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In order to make these cherries we need: candy circular shape in this case sweets Martian (very tasty), the film polysilk, teip green ribbon, wire and thin green ribbon.

And so we take the candy and wrap it in foil polysilk. Tighten the tail thin wire or thread, cut off the excess and glue on thermal glue to the floral wire.

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Cut the wire size of our future ponytail and wrapped around all teip tape. Second cherry doing the same, and then connect the two cherries together, twist the tail edge teip tape.



Once tied bow glue it on the tail of the cherry. That’s all candy cherries ready. It turned out pretty interesting and original.

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