Chicks for Easter

Chicks for Easter

Chicks for Easter

I was beginning to produce their toys out of dog hair, but the product that you want to show the purchase of wool 

This chick for Easter.


Materials needed


– Needle Felting N 38 (special barbed needle, through which they are mixed wool fibers, it happens seal – dumping wool);

– Yellow wool;

– Red hair (a small lump);

– Hollofayber is needed to create large objects to simplify your work and save time;

– Sponge, is necessary in order to facilitate the work and to secure a table, hands, knees from the piercing needles

– Eyes purchased;

2. The process of manufacturing. Take hollofayber and begin to pierce it with a needle creating an egg shape.

3 4

We start wrapping our egg yellow wool 


Make a “figure eight”, deepening the needle in the middle of the product.


Start to play the hollo fayber sponge. Making shells. And wraps a wide part of the “Group of Eight”

7 8

From the red wool Valya beak (on the sponge) and attach it to the narrowest part of “eights”. Needle do recesses for the eye and glue.


This is how we have turned to Easter chicks.