Christmas angels with corks and ribbons

Christmas angels with corks and ribbons

Christmas angels with corks and ribbons

Today I bring you a lovely idea that has me in love! Make my own Christmas ornaments to decorate my Christmas tree and the rest of my home I think is one of the nicest activities for the year. And the DIY concept today is to make these precious angels Christmas drawing corks we have at home and some tapes of designs and various colors. Dare to do with me? Sure you do!Hands!



  • Corks.
  • Wood pellets.
  • Marker.
  • Hot glue gun.
  • Various designs tapes (width of 1.5 to 2 cm).
  • Colors thin ribbons.
  • Gold and silver lace.
  • Gold and silver cleaners.
  • Scissors.
  • Flushing (optional).

The blush is optional, and is intended for the little angel face. We will see later how to use it.


Let’s begin … As a first step, we will take a cork and a bead. I took the hole for the mouth of the angel. We put a little hot glue and glue the ball with a slight inclination. We reserved.


A piece of tape cut design of approximately 20 to 25 cm.


We measure the center and place a dot of hot glue.


We carry one of the ends toward the center and hope the glue dries.


We put a dot of glue and took the other end to the center.


The loop is ready and reserve.


We took the little body of an angel and the marker will make two small eyes.


So you will see, as if singing. It is taking shape!


With lace make a small loop for hanging and the cleaners do a small little crown winding on one of our fingers and leaving a small extesión to paste.


We put some hot glue on the end of the chaplet and paste.


Subsequently, we do the same with lace or loop for hanging.


We seek ribbon bow which will be the wings of the angel.


We put glue on the back of the angel and paste.


On the other hand, make a small lazito with thinner tape combine.


And paste it in front of the angel.


As an optional step, we can maquillarlo with a little blush. They can do it with pencils or other material if desired. Put a bit on the sides of the mouth.


It must be a very subtle detail that does not look overdone.


Ready! We finished! Do not think they have been precious! They are super cute!


I hope they can do it soon!

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