How to make Christmas cards and labels in minutes

This year all the tags and Christmas cards are DIY! There are nicer than this detail? Of course not! And since I know that much @ s of you do not always have much time to do them, these two ideas are the solution … I will teach how to make these models of Christmas cards and labels can be customized in minutes … here we come! ?

 Christmas cards

We need:

  • Small buttons of red, green, white.
  • Sequins or similar with shapes and colors.
  • Silicone cold.
  • Thin black marker, where possible 0.2.
  • Rule.
  • White card paper.
  • Label Cutter (optional).
  • Tweezers (optional).

As I say in the detail of materials, the clip is not mandatory but is very useful for working with small objects. We started?

Christmas cards

I’ll show you step by step every idea working on the cards you are are larger and may see them in detail. And the first thought is with sequins or the like. We simulate that Christmas decorations are small “hanging” from our card.

Cut the white paper for tarjetería the desired size. In this example I used a size of 9.5 cm wide by 10 cm high (taken just to the front of the card, ie it must double height to cut the paper and then fold it in half).

We are introducing sequins or what we use on the card before to get into porn to hit.

Christmas cards
The paste and prepare a fine marker. We recommend using one of 0.2 as it is best for this idea. If you use one common 0.4 or 0.5 will have to be very careful to make the lines.
Christmas cards
We drew a small stand as the Christmas classic adornor on each piece and then a strip up to the folded edge. You can add a small lazito. Are precious!
Christmas cards

And we can repeat the same thing to make gift tags for the tree or table identifiers. If you do not have a label cutter is not a problem. You can directly buy the labels or cut yourselves, using pattern and have a label.

To make these labels I used a cutter labels (with the design seen in the photograph) of Fiskars . I love!

Christmas cards

We go with the second idea, we set up will with buttons and small crowns! They can combine the colors you want, I opted for the red, green and white classics.

The crown has two levels of buttons. In the first combining small buttons in two shades of green. The present and paste. This clip can also be very useful.

Christmas cards
For the second level of buttons, we will use the red and white and I took a heart-shaped buttons to give a nice touch.
Christmas cards
And we repeat the same thing to the labels. Except that in this case you will need two levels of buttons. One will suffice. And we can add a small loop with thin ribbon to decorate.
Christmas cards
Both models are ready! In a few minutes you can have a good collection of labels and cards for gifts next Christmas!
Christmas cards


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