Christmas decorations with ribbons

The countdown to the holidays this year has started !! One of the most beautiful holiday of the year and nothing better to start preparing for it! As the months pass, as we approach this time can not help but start working on the decorations and decorating my home. And as I started working, today I present the first notion DIY Christmas . With me?

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  • Wood beads green and red.
  • Small beads.
  • Small buttons in green and red.
  • Red and green thread.
  • Gold or silver thread.
  • Gold or silver pipe cleaners.
  • Eva golden or silver paste to make stars.
  • Hot glue gun.
  • Colorful ribbons and designs in red and green.
  • Needle.

This proposal has two options. As we will show one of them, but the steps are the same.

This model in red tape is ideal for decorating the Christmas tree, put together a garland or use it to decorate the Christmas table. We see how?

Prepare the red thread the needle, accounts green and red tape and a (red) button.


Knotted the thread end and had the button so that the knot is hidden when you start to assemble the motif.


Add the end of the tape and as we shape the tree.

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Immediately account we add color and we turn to return to the tape pass through the needle.


We add another account, had the tape and so on considering that we must reduce the size of the tape as you go along.


Continue until you reach the desired size, and passing last time the tape needle, cut and knotted thread.


Cut a star in rubber eva, in this case gold, or we can prepare a pipe cleaner.


The present and cut a piece of golden thread.

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We put hot glue in the center of the star and paste there the thread end motif and gold thread.


To give an extra touch, we can paste an extra star to cover the glue and thus will look the same on both sides.

The Christmas decorations are ready! You like the idea ??? I hope so!


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