Christmas decorations with ordinary light bulb

Christmas Decorations

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This year I decided to make homemade Christmas decorations. While decorating the Christmas tree make sure you make yourself some ornaments to hang and tell your friends and family you made them yourself.

Who doesn’t love a good bout of recycling? It’s good for the environment, it allows you to use and express your creativity, and it can result in some cheap yet fabulous ornaments and decorations. Don’t throw away your burnt out light bulbs, turn them into Christmas decorations to bring the Christmas spirit to your home. Although they will no longer give off light, they’ll light up your home in an entirely new way.

Here is another great DIY and craft project for you and your family to take on which turns an ordinary light bulb into a homemade Christmas decorations. Check out the DIY Christmas Ornaments Made of Light Bulbs tutorial today!

Take an ordinary light bulb …. and 15or inch piece of fabric plaid. Cut triangles of fabric for caps:

Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations



pull out on the edge of the thread to get the fringe, sew caps. Do all kinds of yarn pompons, zavyazochki and pigtails. You can decorate everything that comes to hand. I got beads and decorative berries.



from Fimo sculpt noses-carrots. Acrylic paint. We put on our caps on the bulb and glue:



left to draw faces and stick “carrot”:


Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations

With a bit of craft paint and some fabric scraps, you can make the cutest light bulb ornaments to hang from the tree or even just sit atop your mantelpiece. We love the look of the evil Grinch before he came around, because not everything has to be super cutesy all the time.

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