Christmas decorations with paper molds for cupcakes

Christmas decorations with paper molds for cupcakes

hey like cupcakes ? They make them at home? And they make sure if … as good crafters have a collection of molds or paper caps for them 🙂 I’m wrong? I do not think ?if I go to a store and see beautiful and colorful molds for cupcakes have to buy them! I can not stand it! Colors and beautiful designs always attract my attention and also use them for cooking, are very cute to make crafts . Then they accompany me make a Christmas craft with them? Come on! You will see that lovely idea until they can do with the little ones!


We need:

  • Molds or paper capsules for cupcakes: colors, sizes and various designs.
  • Hot glue gun.
  • Gold or silver cord.
  • Small stars.
  • Scissors.

The beauty of this craft is to search all colors and design paper molds for cupcakes they like. Polka dots, stripes, flowers, bright, smooth … all are worth and are good for this idea?


If they will work with smaller on this idea, do not forget to replace the hot glue gun for liquid silicone or other non-toxic glue!

The first step in this idea will assemble the combination of sizes, colors and designs that we like. The amount, for this model to show you are 5 pieces (4 of a size and one smaller).


We take the cupcake mold or capsule, the open well and folded in half. Then we return to fold in half. The same must be repeated for all molds.


That’ll be the 5 pieces. Ready to assemble the Christmas tree!


Glue put on the tip of the first paste and the work piece thereon below.


So we will continue to the end.


Now we prepare the small star and a fine cord for hanging the tree. If you do not want to use as Christmas decorations, we can build a garland!


We stick behind setting and the star at the top and you’re ready! An idea very nice and so easy to do that can make a lot of them in minutes.


Another idea to use them, as well as ornaments or wreaths to build, is to wrap gifts, cards and even to build a crown for the door …


Encourage play with the colors and designs of the molds, they may be surprised at the results!


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