Christmas snowman snow with plastic cups

christmas snowman

Christmas snowman snow with plastic cups

What you seem to have a snowman middle of your living room? An idea that this Christmas you can perform. For the kids will love having a Christmas snowman indoors. Obviously we can not put snow indoors without it turning into water. But with this ingenious idea you can treat yourself or whim of having a snowman near the Christmas tree or put it wherever you wish.


Simple, original and creative. It’s one of those typical ideas that occur to most skilled office companion. It does not take more than a little economical material and a little patience.


  • Plastic cups
  • Stapler and staples
  • Black Card
  • Black Plastilina
  • Colored tissue paper


We started joining over 25 plastic cups in a circle. After a second row do the same, with another 25 vessels. The binding we do with the stapler.


We continue with another row of glasses, this one with fewer glasses to go slowly forming a hemisphere that is half sphere. But without actually finish it all.


Here in the picture above you can see the union of the vessels with four staples per vessel.


Well, as I said, when we hemisphere something like this will not continue.


You will be back and continue with the other hemisphere that this time we will end as seen in the photo above.


Repeat the process but this time with fewer vessels, 15 or 16 or even some less, according as ye do the doll’s head. We will put this area on the largest and graparemos. We will make the hat with black cardboard and eyes with clay. Scarf and buttons can make them with tissue paper and decorated paper. And the nose also with a paper cone.

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