Christmas Star

Christmas Star

Christmas Star


According to ancient legend, a poor girl, and her little brother had nothing to bring to the church on Christmas Eve to decorate the altar. Then the children decided to pick the branches of roadside bushes. But the humble nondescript bouquet at the feet of the Christ child suddenly blossomed, painted in purple. Since then, the plant became known as the “flower of the holy night.”

Poinsettia or “Christmas star” in a pot – a beautiful symbol of the holiday. But in fact, it’s not a flower, and a bush, upper leaves are painted in bright colors. At home, in Central America, it grows up to 3 m tall. According to legend, the Aztecs, unrequited love broke the heart of the goddess. From the drops of blood falling to the ground, rose bush, on top of which bloom in the middle of December, purple leaves …

Poinsettia pot in a smart, I propose to fulfill the holiday corrugated paper. It uses two techniques: “leaf”.” “Leaf” corrugated paper, work-out, even preschoolers are tinkering and creating a various interesting composition. At school, I propose to learn this technique in second grade (workbook Magical Secrets ). The boys express their feelings through color, creating your tree mood. 

Take a rectangle of corrugated paper 9 × 4,5 cm. Brush the half glue stick. Fold in half and glue. Cut out the circle.


Now produce leaves. We shall cut strips of the corrugated paper length of 6-9 cm and 1.5-2 cm wide (not wider!). Corrugation line should go along the strip.


First, squeeze the edge of the strip, and then twist it flagellum. Do the same with the other hand. flagella have to get small, about 1 cm long.


Do it for each “flower” about 10 red and 10 green leaves. the number may be different. Dimensions leaflets must be different.


Glue the circle on the prepared green leaves.


Glue closer to the center of the red leaves. Caution As this red leaves, instead of flower petals, paste them so as to be visible stalk (stem) leaves. Roll up a few lumps of yellow or light green paper and glue them in the middle. “Flower” is ready!
Of the individual flowers can make garlands, you can make a card, pictures, or a magnet on the fridge. And we will make a poinsettia bush and put him in elegant planters 


Ornamental flowerpot
We shall cut strips of white and yellow crepe paper 13 × 25 cm (along the lines of corrugation. Make 4 of them double yellow the spokes 4.5 cm. How to see the tube. crafts birthday cake. Stretch for 8-9 cm and attach to the base. Leave distance between them equal to the width of a single tube.


Do 7 white double tubes. The two leave for decoration the top and bottom, and cut the remaining half. Short tubes (4 cm) lubricate the ends with glue and paste, skirting around yellow. Paste them through one, staggered.


Gluing five rows of short tubes. Glue the frame at the top and bottom (the ends to the base). Planters ready.


You can plant our poinsettia!


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