Christmas tree balls with stripes

From paper strips can do a lot of different crafts. I bring to your attention New Year's resolution

Christmas tree balls with stripes


From paper strips can do a lot of different crafts. I bring to your attention New Year’s resolution:

Making the ball on the Christmas tree.

You will need: Different colored paper thick (I used gift bags, covers of school notebooks used, packages col. Paper – fantasize); wire; various beads; scissors; large needle or awl; thread; decorative things.


Option 1

1. Select the desired pattern, razlinovyvaem into strips about 12 pieces: thickness and length at will, depending on the desired size of the ball. (I have a length of 10 cm, thickness of 1, 5 cm). Cut two small circles.


2. Cut into strips and is doing at the ends of the needle hole at 0, 5 cm from the edge.


3. Take the beads strung on a thread, and then a double strand is threaded into the needle.


4. Begin to thread the needle, first circle, then strips with colored sides.

6 7 8 (1)

5. Then, stringing beads: the number depends on the volume of the ball and its shape.


6. Further stringing strip on the other side, but with the white side. at the end of the circle and beads.

9 10

7. We stretch, fasten. Fasten the thread to the suspension.

11 12

Variation with two colors and a bead in the middle:

13 14 16 17

Option 2

1. The bands in this embodiment can be made longer, permitting selection of paper. (I 18). Then the holes must be made only at the ends but also in the middle of the strip.


2. At the end of the wire to curl a small loop.


3. strung beads and strips of paper in the middle.


4. Next, the beads 12 and beams 6 strips through the holes at the ends.

21 22

5. bead at the end and fasten, making a small loop. The ball is ready.

23 24

Last ball navёl me a new idea – if you connect two balls of different sizes on the same wire, you get (if you add a few details – taken and printed on photographic paper from the Internet):

095c4434106c1d83d118eeebe522021d (1)

“The Snow Maiden”


“Santa Claus”

2388187f29ff0ba43ae59ebb7fdd3d55 11013060_941514995871870_1329429204602265181_n



Here’s a close-knit company received!



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