Christmas trees to decorate the table

Christmas trees to decorate the table

Paper is one of the best materials for crafts. It is versatile, easy to work, and often we can retrieve it for use on other ideas or to submit separate recycling. With it we can do new ideas, Christmas every year and renew at very low cost. Another advantage of this material is that we can work with kids in the house and have fun in the process. So why not take advantage of even more for the holidays are close? The proposal we bring today is to decorate our table easy, simple and very fast. They are some funny Christmas trees colored cardboard carton with a base decorated with ribbon design. We started?

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  • Colored construction paper.
  • Star eva rubber or the like.
  • Glue stick.
  • Hot glue gun.
  • Cuter or accurate.
  • Circular cutter or compass with scissors.
  • Tape design.
  • Cardboard tube 1 of toilet paper.

Tip: to cut circles can use a circular or check with a compass and cut by hand with scissors cutter.


For each tree will need at least 4 or 5 circles. This amount will depend on the final size of the trees. As in my case I decided to use a circular cutter, the measures I used for the figures was 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 in diameter.


We take one piece and fold in half both ways.

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We folded back as shown in the photograph.


And we collapsed inward giving as follows.


Here you can see the four pieces and folded.


Begin to glue between them, in one side, placing glue stick. It’s good to start from what will be the top of the tree down.


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Introducing the star Eva foam. It is not mandatory that the star is in this material may place a material they like or have at home.


Step followed, took the cardboard tube toilet paper and cut a ring of 1.5 cm high. This will be the basis of our tree.


With a stapler (optional), place a checkmark on both sides in what will be the base of the tree. This is to give more base and make it easier to paste.

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We put glue with hot glue gun and immediately stick the tree cardboard hoops.5


For the final touch on our tree, we covered the cardboard base with ribbon design. If adhesive will be easier and faster.

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Add the star tip with a little hot and ready glue! We can prepare as many as you need to decorate table and all our home!



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