Chrysanthemums to decorate the birthday cake

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Just look at this beauty! It’s crazy, flowers, come alive! And you can eat them), because they are edible, from sugar mastic?By the way, the photo  below can be used to make flowers from cold porcelain. So, look, how to sculpt chrysanthemums and dahlias to decorate the birthday cake:


To prepare the sugar mastic you need marshmallows, marshmallow candies, these are sold in pastry shops. I note that they are quite high-calorie), so if you care about the beauty of the figure, from the decorations, and of themselves cakes, should be avoided. And if you are interested in not less tasty  low-calorie recipes ,  Here you will find delicious recipes for a healthy life and struggle with overweight. You can make for yourself a low-calorie menu, which allows you to keep a record of the number of calories consumed and pick up useful, healthy and well-balanced menu for each day of the week.

Recipe for making sugar mastic:


– Marshmallow – 90-100g (one pack of marshmallow candies)

– Lemon juice or water – ~ 1 tbsp. Spoon

– Powdered sugar – ~ 1-1.5 cups


Marshmallows are mostly sold neodnotsvetnymi. It is best to buy marshmallow white. Marshmallow divided by color – white halves folded into one bowl, and the other pink. In one color marshmallow tablespoon of lemon juice or water and heated in a microwave oven (10-20 seconds), or a water bath to increase in volume. If you want to tint the paste food coloring, it is better to add after it got swollen and melted marshmallow out of the microwave. At this point the need to add the colorant and mix well mass spoon. Then portions enter the sifted powdered sugar and stir with a spoon or spatula mass. When it becomes difficult to stir with a spoon, put the weight on the table dusted with icing sugar and continue to knead hands up until the sealant is no longer stick to hands.

The resulting paste wrapped in cling film (the film should fit snugly on all sides to the mastic to prevent air being trapped inside the package) and put in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. Finished mastic from the refrigerator, put on the table sprinkled with starch and thinly roll.

Of finished mastic can cook various figures, flowers, leaves, or cover the cake thinly rolled sheet mastic.












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