Clever use of old clothes DIY patchwork cushion

Clever use of old clothes DIY patchwork cushion

We certainly do not have a lot of old clothes, but threw away a pity ah, be sure to take advantage of the job. DIY stuff is always special feelings, following Xiaobian teach you old clothes and use DIY do Patchwork cushion.


With old clothes DIY Tutorial Patchwork cushion kind:

Materials are some old clothes fabrics;


The first step cut about 5 * 250px such a small piece of cloth (pictured);

The second step in order to increase its thickness may be about the same size then cut a piece of cloth stacked on top;


The third step. this stacked two small pieces of cloth and press the long side of the fold


The fourth step further down a sharp fold;


The fifth step then. with needle and thread fixed intermediate position;

Step VI would be expected to require all colors are ready for use;


Step 7 Next to begin combination, account for a lower number here:

This cushion small series, a total of 11 layers, the first layer has four months, the second and third layers are 8 , fourth floor to the seventh floor is 16 months, the eighth floor to the tenth floor is 32 months .


8. The first step is to prepare the combined diameter of a large piece of cloth round about 1000px , then the four petals of the first layer with a needle and thread to sew up the diagonal , and then sewn to the center circle on the cloth.


9. sew the second layer and the first layer of petals to align the distance is too bad , needle and thread through the top corner from the petals sewn over a lap before the outer circle which is more firmly fixed.


10. Then you spend time together and so the attention to its specific Figure it can

11 are stitched edging after this I will not elaborate everybody’s


We do not want to put this cushion is difficult, in fact, very simple, want to try a friend to try to do a little bit of coasters or simply do a similar size.


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