How to make make coffee heart

coffee foam art

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How to make make coffee heart

The girls decided to make coffee heart. Maybe someone will come in handy. Do not scold for quality photos please.

coffee heart(2)

coffee heart(3) coffee heart(4) coffee heart(5)

Briefly I tell how I was doing.
The wire is bent where the hands and where a pair of pliers. Then the little details to the main wire and dabbed bandaging tape. And at the end of work with wire wrapped here so here is white shnurom.Snachala wrapped around small parts, and then the trunk itself.

coffee heart(6)

Well, as the heart must do many people know, but for those who do not know to tell. I had a foam heart. I paint it brown. With the help of a hot glue gun and glued grains prochpokala then sponge the same brown paint that painted before. I know that many people like to look more natural flavor is preserved and the heart, but I like the way it turns out more harmoniously, and fragrance then still go with the times. So, what do you prefer. And forgotten after the first painting I did of a cord loop and sticking to the heart, on the ends of the cord to mask and coffee glued too.

coffee heart(7)

I made a pot of a plastic jar of tomato chili. Divorced 1×1 water and PVA glue (in Germany it looks like the photo, there are others.) Dampen a cloth and wrapped around the jar while creating skladki.Esli one swipe is not enough, you can take still and then hide in the edges skladkah.Kogda all dried up, I painted brown paint and after drying handled sponge dipped in a little gold paint, semi-almost.

coffee heart(8)

Then spread the cement on the eye, that was the important thing is not zhidkiy.Postavila in his trunk and removed a day to dry. Well, you only decorate. Each is decorated to your liking. I fell asleep on the cement grains of coffee and beads. Glued all sorts of things and vualya.Derevo heart is ready!

coffee heart(9)

The girls do not judge strictly for my mini – class for the first time no matter how how. And the narrator to me is not important. If something is not clear question-answer. Thanks to all !!!


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