How to coffee table decoration using stained glass paint

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 How to coffee table decoration using stained glass paint
The theme of the master class, I chose coffee table decoration using stained glass paint.
I present to you the result of my work.
The purpose of this master class – to show that anyone with enough time and diligence will be able to repeat my experience and create their own hands a beautiful thing that will adorn any interior.
Stained glass painting – is an activity that inherently does not require any specific knowledge and skills. We just need to know and follow some basic rules, which will be discussed later.
So, to get to work, prepare tools and materials, as well as the workplace:
– First of all, you need a table itself, or rather the workpiece, which will be a unique table, made by your own design (if desired). I used the coffee table with glass top. The diameter of the table top – 50 centimeters. The height of the table – 62 centimeters. Table bought in IKEA store;
– Acrylic circuit. Color bronze or brass;
– Stained glass paint on organic basis. The more color, the more interesting it will end drawing;
– cotton buds;
– Dry wipes;
– Alcohol for degreasing of glass;
– Picture (sketch), corresponding to the size of the glass countertop. Size countertops in this case – 50 centimeters in diameter.Size rather big, so I need to decide on what surface will be all work with an outline and paints. We need a large and comfortable desk;
– Scotch.
Let’s start with the preparation of the workplace. Be sure to lay a table cloth on a table or something to protect the table surface from damage and paint. Now fasten the stencil with a pre-drawn design on the tabletop. I used to do double sided tape. I made only half of the image as a symmetrical pattern.


Drawing, that is the line, I began to trace from the center, gradually moving to the edges. Crush on the tube evenly to the line to get volume and the same thickness. It is important to remove the excess paint to trim lines were not blurred.



Since I was the only stencil for one half, I peeled off the stencil and attach it to the other side of the circle.


We continue to trace the line until the entire table top will not be covered by drawing lines. Work slowly, so as not to erase the already drawn lines. I worked standing – so convenient.

6 7

Now, an important point – you need to give contour to dry thoroughly. Here you can use a hair dryer, if you really take the time to proceed to the stage of painting. I’m in a hurry and left the table top for a day in a horizontal position, to outline dried completely and irrevocably.
To make it easier and clearer to work with paints, it is better to put a under the table top sheet of white paper.
We start with the center. As I outline cox day, I calmly put my hand on the table to reach the center, and not afraid to damage the circuit. I chose a beautiful purple color, similar to a shade of lavender. Fill paint the central part of the picture.


Further, the same color of paint over the second and third row of petals, alternating shaded and empty spaces. To distribute the paint on glass, I use a wooden stick. You can use a brush, but when dealing with large areas easier to work with a stick.

9 10


We continue to work with purple paint, painting over the subsequent rows of petals in the figure, until we reach the edge of the countertop.
I recommend to always start with the same color. Select one main color and paint all the desired areas. Then choose a second color and act the same way, then a third color and so on, until all the sections are not painted.

11 12

With purple go perfectly warm shades of yellow and orange. They took me and to continue its work.
Add a bit of brightness with red paint.



Stained glass paints have a distinctive feature: have transparency while preserving color. That they are attractive for lovers and connoisseurs.
Now it is possible to add fresh green. The space of the semicircles, I blush, alternating orange and yellow colors.
Parts that are closer to the edge of countertops, stained with light green color.
Just you need to tune in to the fact that this process is not a quick, since the size of the table is significant.
And completing the picture, filling the remaining portions of the purple and orange colors.
Now certainly you need to keep the countertop for another day in a horizontal position and wait until the paint dries. Only after the complete drying of the countertop paints can be mounted on a metal substrate, and enjoy the results in all its glory.
courtesy: liveinternet
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