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Colorful hippie flower nail art

Colorful Hippie Flower Power Design with Water Marbling and Daisies Nail Art Tutorial

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For this week I wanted to make really colorful summer nails with yellow, violet/purple and pink. I made a water marble background using those colors and added summery white daisies on top since I’ve been recently in love with daisies and filled a part of my flower bench with white, yellow, hot pink, light pink and red+yellow colored daisies. The end result reminded me of hippie flower power nails, so I call them with that name.

nail art

Today I filmed many videos for you guys, four actually, and now I have to catch up with my editing. The videos that are coming in the near future are: How I clean my nail art brushes, My nail care routine, How to remove glitter polish easily, and a new tutorial of black and white one stroke flowers (I filmed these four today) and another tutorial from last week with blue bird and leafy tree branch. So I’ve tons of editing to do! But I hope you like this fun flower power design I made for you for this week, and you’re all having a wonderful Saturday!

flower nail art

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