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Copper wire wrap

Copper wire wrap

Today we will make the suspension “Apple” of copper wire.


For this we need:

copper wire of 1.0 mm – 70-72 cm.
copper wire of 0.4 mm or 0.5 (s, 0.5) – about 6 m.
anvil, hammer
Beads 4 or 6 mm (in this master class, I used 6mm) – 36-40 pieces.
tools (see. photo)


Take a copper wire with a diameter of 1.0 mm and pliers. Gently twists “snail” (see. Photo 1,2,3).

3 4 5

Take the wire cutters and wire bites (see. Photo 4.5).


Take a hammer and knock on both sides (Photo 6.7), so, in my opinion, the wire becomes stronger and much oppression.)

7 8 (1)

That’s what we’ve got (photos 8,9,10).

8 9 10

Next comes the most complicated and long time).
Take the copper wire of 0.5 mm diameter (Photo 11).
In order not to get lost in it)) will be cut to work at 1 m.


Next, carefully fasten one end to our “snail” (photo 12,13). We help tools.

12 13

Then we start oppletat two wires following photos 14,15,16,17,18.

14 16 17 18 19

Dress bead and wrap 1 time (photo 19,20,21).

20 21 22

Then we begin to weave the “eight”, ie 1 time threading the wire from the bottom, 2nd time sverhu..podtyagivaem. and so 3-4 times (depending on the thickness of the beads).
Doing it to the wrong side close the bead (22,23,24,25,26,27 follow in the photo).

23 24 095c4434106c1d83d118eeebe522021d (1) 10013-Size 2388187f29ff0ba43ae59ebb7fdd3d55 11013060_941514995871870_1329429204602265181_n

Then wound the wire 3-4 range and tightens.

Then dress the second bead and repeat the procedure.) Also we continue to do until the end of the circle ..

(Follow Photo 28 -35).

11173364_1590703454524328_4935496660062498381_n 11800396_941514992538537_5509910198742382137_n 11813405_941514959205207_2459126783409131122_n 11825113_941515062538530_9133566101756957919_n cool_easy_drawings_step_by_step draw+frogs+vintage+image+graphicsfairy004sm Draw-Dogs-GraphicsFairysm1

We go to the second row and continue to weave all the same … follow photos 36,37,38.

draw-squirrels-gfairysm easy-anime-tweety-how-to-draw-cartoon-characters-step-by-step FotorCreated

Toward the end of the circle twirl wire tightly (photo 39-44).
Next Round Bends and twists the loop and “leaf” for “apple” (photo 45.46).

graphics-fairy-owls How-To-Draw-a-Cartoon-Dog-Step-by-Step how-to-draw-a-unicorn How-To-Draw-Mario-Step-by-Step How-to-Draw-Tweety-Bird-Step-by-Step hqdefault kids_drawing_activity_sheets learn_to_draw_a_corgi_460_0

The result is such a suspension!)


And many others!)
I hope you liked my masterclass!
Create with pleasure !!!

mayil design 3 peacock design 2 peacock-art-for-auction-image


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