How to create a candle with “Cherry Dessert”

Cherry dessert candle…don’t eat because it is wax.. but don’t  forget to create and don’t forget to light it..
candle Cherry Dessert
We need:
From the materials:
– Vase or kremanki;
– Colorless wax (or ordinary white candles);
– Wax crayons (white, pink, red – are cut off from their usual 0.5 cm);
– Fuse (can be pulled out of the candles or twist in multiple layers cotton yarn);
– A drop of flavor (vanilla, honey or cherry).
candle Cherry Dessert
From tools:
– A large saucepan;
– X / w cloth;
– 3 plastic bottles of 1.5 liters;
– Fork or blender for whipping milk (for whipping paraffin);
– Spoon (for putting some whipped wax);
– Wooden stick (stir paraffin);
– Borehole or a long needle (make holes in paraffin).
candle Cherry Dessert
Paraffin necessarily warmed in a water bath, as if to warm the wax over an open fire, it will burn, and emit suffocating fumes can ignite.
We need to prepare a large saucepan and 3 tanks for heating paraffin – I usually use for this 1.5-liter plastic bottles – cut them in the middle, are rather decent cups, then everything is thrown out, and just as well stay at home and order do not need to wash anything.
Pour into the pan the water, on the bottom you need to put unnecessary cotton cloth, folded several times.
These cups pour paraffin or the broken candle, in the 1st add grams of 150 paraffin and planed with a knife pink chalk, in the 2nd – also 150 grams of paraffin and white chalk, and in the 3rd cup – quite a bit, for cherries, grams 50 wax and red crayon.
Crayons I usually rolling in a little bit, and when the weight of the solution, mixed well and add finely to the desired shade.
So, our colored wax is ready, and it was the most difficult process in the master class!
candle Cherry Dessert
What you need to do now – we put a glass with white paraffin aside to cool a little and could whip up. Red also pour a thin layer in some capacity – mold, cover when it cools down a bit, become a plastic mass and it will be easy to mold him from cherries.
Next – pour in kremanku to the brim with pink wax and leave to form a crust on top.
candle Cherry Dessert
Meanwhile, the red wax has bedding, divide it into several pieces and fashioned from it as from clay, red balls – cherries.
candle Cherry Dessert
Needles or needle to make holes as from the peduncle.
candle Cherry Dessert
candle Cherry Dessert
Berries are ready, let them completely frozen. The top layer of pink wax in kremanke also stiffened, and we pierce the needle or needle and insert to the bottom of the wick.
candle Cherry Dessert
And then we take a cup with white paraffin plug or mixer and start beating our paraffin as proteins, stable foam and add in the process of whipping a few drops of flavor.
candle Cherry Dessert
Who left the most pleasant – to put our wax, it looks like whipped cream, in kremanku.
candle Cherry Dessert
It is better to slide, since ostvanii paraffin compresses and slightly gives way.
candle Cherry Dessert
The final touch – we decorate our dessert cherries.
candle Cherry Dessert
We look forward to when our “dessert” completely hardens. And voila – you can set fire to and enjoy the fruits of your labor, and you can present your loved ones as a present!
Thank you for attention!
courtesy: livemaster


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