Create a paper balloon-Kusudama

Create a paper balloon-Kusudama Create a paper balloon-Kusudama

Create a paper balloon-Kusudama

I want to share with you, creating processes this figure kusudamki.
I want podchekrnut that in classical understanding Kusudama relates more to the art of origami, ie the modules are connected to each other without glue, and are made โ€‹โ€‹by folding paper. In this work I have done differently. But all in order.
The work is quite complicated and laborious, and requires knowledge of computer programs.


To work is required:
– the substrate for cutting paper;
– the usual stationery knife;
– a knife-knife for the paper;
– tweezers;
– PVA glue,
– a printer;
– paper for design;
– ply line;
– a suitable computing to the program;
– a little wishes.
In this paper we need akuratno and accuracy!
The photo tool that is used EPI work. Yellow knives, scalpels and steel on the left is the Japanese knife company Olfa. Very high quality and easy to use. Yellow Knife Used for right and raroty with itself adhesive. Very handy when you need to apply a thin and even layer of


So, let’s begin. The idea of this figure appeared quite spontaneously. The point is to place the figures, cube, pyramid or in this case, the dodecahedron, with each other, with a smooth transition of color. For its implementation I used a computer programa – AutoCAD. But any other with the possibility of 3D-modeling.
Modeling figurkku, taking into consideration the thickness of our paper. When the density 200-220gr / square meter thick sotavlyaet 0,28-0,3mm. This is very important! If bad will do the calculation and sweep not take into account the thickness of the paper will not even figure.

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The paper used the company Fabriano. Collection and Elle Erre Colore. It’s nice to work with her. The paper is very high quality. Thick interesting in texture, pleasant to the touch, listen in, not foliated, well glued. And that is very important to have a wide color gamut, and does not fade. The white paper is paper with linen texture. Just a pleasure to work with her.
We select the color and print to the printer as far as thin lines. And starts carving.


Here is a pyramid ๐Ÿ™‚


Each dodecahedron need 12 pentagons in total 15 pieces. Total need to cut 180 pyatiugolnichkov. Plus prostavochki, and this is 30 stuff on each layer.

And starts bonding with the smallest.

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Gradually, the glue layer by layer:

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We reach the last layer. We keep all facets clearly fit with each other.


Glue decorative edges:

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Tie rope. Decorate with white tassel.

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