Create a wall mural

Create a wall mural


To create a wall mural will need:

– About 15 babinok of toilet paper or paper towels

– Hot glue gun

– Spray-paint the desired color

– Scissors

Wall panels of babinok toilet paper step by step:

Step 1. The first thing you need to take babinki and remove from them all the excess paper


Step 2: Fold the rolls so that you feel comfortable cut one 1-inch circles (petals). There is no need to measure accurately! You can just take babinki and cut in half and cut each half in half again until you get the right size (Figure 2-3).

Step 3. Continue cutting rolls, until you reach the desired amount. It is not necessary to adhere perfectly smooth cuts. Different sizes and length of the roll pieces will add volume to your product (Figure 4).

Step 4. Start writing your flower with 5-star-sheeted (Figure 5) (you do not have to start from this point, you can create any shape).


Step 5: Consider the composition and make it before gluing “petals” together (Figure 7).

Step 6. After that merge all the petals together (Figure 7-9). The author used a hot glue gun, but you can use any type of glue that you prefer.

Step 7. At the end of your cover the glued paint composition (Figure 10). It is desirable to apply about three layers depending on whether your absorb paint rolls. Try to paint all the panels within and between the “petals”.


Wall panels of babinok of toilet paper ready!

You can always increase the size of the panels, which will require a need to raise the number of rolls of toilet paper.