create a beautiful decoration with colorful PVC pipes

Learn how to make a very charming crafts to decorate your home with creativity!

There are corners in our home that deserve a little more of our attention on the decoration aspect. When we create something at home even for a more looker gets better. Just put the noggin to work and improvise with simple everyday pieces. The suggestion that we brought in this post is a good idea for you to practice and spruce up your home delicately. Here’s how the step by step instructions and also create a beautiful decoration with colorful PVC pipes!


Step by step then uses the dark violet color, green, gold and red cadmium, but you use that works best for your craft. Try combining cool colors with each other and come into harmony with the setting in which the colored brackets will be installed.


– 3 plumbing pipes
– 3 disposable lids with the same measure of muzzle
– Universal Sealant primer
– Acrylic paint in the colors you prefer
– Fluidizer
– Chinese Lacquer (Varnish)
– Brushes
– Dremel
– Instant Glue
– Bushings 3
– 3 screws
Step by step
Get on with the making, which incidentally, is super easy to make!


The first step is to apply a primer coat on the surface of the elbow. Allow to dry for about 30 minutes.


To make the solution of the paint, mix a small drop fluidizer with a measure of paint of your choice in this case was the violet color. You should apply a coat of the mixture on the surface of the elbow and then leave to dry for half an hour.


Write applying a Chinese lacquer coat on the workpiece and wait for the drying time, again for 30 minutes.


Do this same process to paint the sides of the cover.


Now let’s fixing of the wall. Take the Dremel and pierce the center of the lid. You should also stick to the wall to insert the sleeve. Make the placement of the cover on the hole and screw. Soon after, apply instant glue on the cover and secure the elbow. Make the steps again, and now using the other two colors, the two remaining parts.


It is pretty cool result! Also make and leave your home with a cozier atmosphere, creating this beautiful simple decor with PVC pipes! I hope you can create your supports made of colorful caninhos easily. The tutorial we show to you, was an adaptation of the step by step we find in Craft Portal site. Good luck in creating, capriche in color and up to the next tip!


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