Create a centerpiece of summer

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Sand, shells and candles are the only things you need to make a beautiful and original centerpiece for summer
Create a centerpiece of summer


Summer and beach although you can enjoy a different summer, we must recognize that summer is closely linked to the sea and the beach, so we use these elements for a seasonal centerpiece.
Arena: do not forget to collect sand beach only in places where it is allowed. Perhaps there is a ban on some beaches does.
Candle warmers are also called tea candles and those casualties are normally white candles, which are supported on an aluminum base of the same height
Ask this centerpiece summer is so easy that it does not require much explanation. What did you need is some time to get close to a beach and collect sand and some seashells. Also need to buy candles warmers if you’re not at home.


– Arena Beach

– Seashells

– Candles warmers

– Plato or decorative base

Choose a nice base for the centerpiece

In addition to these elements, which will adorn the center, you will need to have a basis on which to place them. You can use a basic decorative normally use for centerpieces, but you can also use a flat plate average.

Our advice is that whether you are using a base for centerpieces as a tray , plate or anything else, is a tone clear . The white, sandy-white or white, will make this center pieces stand out more.

Of course, choose the base you choose for your summer table center, keep in mind that does not have to have holes to avoid the sand out.

Decorate the summer resort to your liking

When you’ve chosen the base, it’s time to put the sand on this beach. Throw it carefully because you know how annoying they are the grains of sand on the skin or on the floor

Now play the part creative with this craft. Choose the shells most beautiful and carefully place them on the sand. Do not worry if the first time you do not like how they look, remove them from the sand, erase the marks by hand and try again until you like the result.

When you have the shells as you like in the middle of summer table , you place the candle warmers. Also, expandable folders gracefully over the sand and bit on it.

You can use candles of any color, but as it is a centerpiece of sand, white give better cosmetic result.

With all this and you will have your perfect to decorate your center table summer , your porch or foyer home. Do not forget that candles are fully functional in this decorative centerpiece and you can turn them on when you arrive the night .


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