How to create desktop organizer- Simple Craft Ideas

How to create desktop organizer

We teach you to create your own desktop organizer

desktop (1)


desktop (2)

Big box: I used a box of diapers about 20 cm high 30 wide and 20 deep.

desktop (3)

Different containers in my home a carton of juice a can of artichokes a box of baby cereal and a box of the glasses that I just bought.
This is the only indication you get what you have on hand, the only thing to consider is that the big box Resist.
Decorative paper and I used to buy in Little a few days ago, but you can use origami paper crafts or easy to find in any stationery.

1. Cut the big box left 18 cm to the rear, 3 or 4 to the front and side cut diagonally.

desktop (3)

2. We covered exterior and interior decorative papers using the box and cut as a template.

3. present boxes and small boats to suit our needs.

desktop (4)

4. Patiently making a killing all boats and small boxes.

desktop (5)

5. And finally, we look the cereal box to the back to reinforce the structure. We can put a piece of cardboard in the bottom of the large box to reinforce.

desktop (5)

desktop (6)