Create family tree

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Create family tree

Today I’ll show you how to create a family tree. All probably seen sold in the form of a tree and they hung frames of different shapes. They often do not look very neat, ordinary Chinese frames. I ordered a girl so beautiful tree, 15 photos, and to form a photo was in the form of a heart. To be honest, I did not immediately draw a picture of how it will look like a family tree. Template as such was not. Everything is as it went in. But in the end, what happened, I really enjoyed it.


And most importantly, that ordered it loved it, she ordered him to her mother in law, as a result, she said, and give that somehow it is a pity such beauty, said it can not afford to leave. That’s the story turned out, and now let’s see how I was doing. To possess some abilities over not need to make such a tree. But the house will be a beauty. However, you need perseverance, I sat for two days with him, like a little sfilonit, but time Brother came and forced me to do it right. I think it will be a pride for any family.


For work, we need:
The wire (thickness not say, take to the touch, easy to bent, I do take advantage of what it was. I just double wire office knife cut in half and a little trim cuts)
Teip Feed brown (this is a sticky ribbon, like a tape, but the basis of a paper. You can buy in any store for florists, or direct the girls ask which colors are selling, they use it when creating flower arrangements)

  • Nippers
  • Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Building plaster
  • For pot I used a jar from the canned pineapple
  • Cardboard (preferably white)
  • Pencils
  • Decorative twine white
  • Crepe paper pink
  • White and transparent beads of different sizes
  • Glue gun
  • Rod glue
  • Decorative leaves
  • Decorative flowers pink and white
  • Sisal fiber white


In order to make a family tree with your hands need glue gun. If there is glue gun, then it can be replaced with glue “Moment” and “Titan”. I’ll tell you why I’m working it with hot glue. For me – it is very convenient, hot glue gun to when they need something to stick, causing the product, it freezes almost instantly. No need to wait until the glue dries, stuck, frozen and continue to work without interruption. Only there is one but it is very easy to get burned. Somewhere dripped somewhere crawled on his hands when to squeeze the item, in this case with you always need to have a remedy for burns.
Let’s start with the wire. I will not say what they are in my length, I cut them all cutters slightly different, but exactly what they have been for more than 30 cm. Teip winding wire-tape, leaving no tails wrapped somewhere in the 5-7 cm.


Thus, winning all 15 wires. I have to be sure the ends of the ribbon picked hot glue.


Now, take pliers and wire ends bends. This is done so that when we Fill the wire plaster, do not wire jumped after curing gypsum.


Building plaster divorce from water to liquid sour cream. Pour into a jar of pineapple divorced gypsum, collect in a bundle wire and insert them into the plaster. Practicing, just a couple of minutes, and plaster hardens completely.


We set aside our frame of hearts are going to do themselves. I printed two hearts template. One on which you will need to be cut pictures, and the second, with whom we work. 30 Draw a pattern of hearts.


Cut hearts scissors.


Crepe paper hearts cut to size, leaving little allowance.


I first stick the upper part of the heart.


The lower part of the heart, too, glue hot glue. Pre-cut the excess tails crepe paper.


Paste all 30 hearts.


From the twine do tail and glued to the back of the heart.


Merge two hearts together.


Each heart the tail glue, glue the hearts with the other sisters.


Joint hearts decorate with twine. I just stuck the ends of the twine to never acted glue.


So hearts have turned more accurate.


Glue beads.


I Boucicaut taped above and below.


This little red I put


The wires are twisted as your heart desires. All the main plodding work I did, and now I have calmed down and went to the shower binge began the most creative process. I clocked this:


Twirl the edge of the wire with pliers.


On hooks to hang hearts.


Due hooks, hearts are not going anywhere.


Glue the leaves.


And decorative flowers.


A jar of paste of the same crepe paper.


Inside jars laid sisal.


Tied with white string.


Glue the leaves.


That’s it! How to make a family tree now you probably know. All happiness and love!





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