How to create photo frame


For work, we need:

– Binding cardboard 1.5-2 mm.

– Cardboard box (fit a box from under the shoe)

– Kraft paper,

– Rubber mat (can be replaced with a piece of linoleum or old magazine)

– PVA glue,

– Clay time Crystal

– Breadboard knife

– Scissors,

– Line,

– Brush,

– Acrylic paint,

anchors and brads.

For decoration: paper flowers, skeletonized leaves, raffia, and others.

Let us proceed.

From box cardboard cut out the frame size.

Kraft fragment cut out in form of our framework, but with allowances 2.5-3 cm (wider frame than the more allowances).

Properly Mnemonic paper and unfold.

Lightly sprinkle the paper with water, but do not overdo it 

Liberally grease the frame with white glue and put on a crumpled paper in the center, do not press! All overturn.

Getting neatly glued paper prisborivanie it and creating folds. Do not be alarmed if the paper breaks, cover the gap crease. You can first practice on a piece of cardboard.

Align the allowances. Stepping back 0.5 cm., Cut corners. The window frame cut the scissors and make allowances in the corners make cuts until it stops.

Clay PVA glue allowances forming corners and smoothing the edges.
Do not regret the glue, apply it to all the wrinkles, remove the excess tissue.

Turn the frame and carefully popridavlivayte on it to all thoroughly stuck.

Put the frame to dry.

Now, on to the substrate.

The substrate is cut out of cardboard in the form of binding framework, but less than 0.5 cm. From all sides.

In the center of the substrate outline the “door” in the form of the window on the frame, but it is wider 1cm. from all sides.

Make slits Prototyping knife at the marked lines, leaving one side untouched.

Bigu remaining side (holding a ruler crochet hook or a blunt needle) and open the door.

The planned location for mounting, attaching an anchor, make a hole with an awl or thin suitable needle.

We put in the anchor brads and install mount.

Let’s go back to the frame.

Paint the frame with acrylic paint, going over the edge of the back side of a 0.5 cm. While the paint is wet, she glares, so sometimes it is difficult to immediately see the place NOT, so turn the box in different directions, and carefully painted over all the folds. Do not forget the corners. Dry paint hairdryer.

To isolate the folds go over them with a semi-dry brush or a contrasting color with a sponge.

It is not decorate the frame, three-dimensional elements will stir stick support!

From the transparent film (suitable film from the new strains, it is quite thick), cut out the fragment is identical to the window, but more than 1 cm. From all sides. Clay Moment glue film on the reverse side of the window.

For the aesthetics of the window to paste over the edge of any paper (from the inside).

Liberally, but in moderation, lubricate the substrate (except for doors) Moment glue and glue it to the frame, observing simmertiyu, gently remove the excess glue. Ensure that excess glue not included in the film!

Under the door is better to put a piece of paper.

Properly poprizhimayte substrate, all thoroughly stuck!

Now zadekoriruyte frame to your liking.

Glue the inlay at the time. Large items can be glued termrpistoletom who as convenient.

I wish you all a pleasant creativity!

courtesy: liveinternet

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