How to create snowman for the festival season


Create snowman for the festival season.. Well, sew these wonderful tasty smelling  snowman for the festival season.They are designed to create a festive atmosphere in the house

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We need:

1. calico
2. Patchwerk orange fabric for carrot-nose
3. a pair of buttons for fastening of handles
4. harsh thread for this attachment (I monofilament)
5. sintepuh or the like for packing toys
6. coffee, cinnamon, vanilla, PVA glue for toning
7. yarn leftovers for hats and scarf and other decor for your taste

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Snowman pattern found on the Internet for a long time. As it turned out, this pattern snowman Tilda from the bookTone Finanger 2000. Thanks to her!

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At half folded calico translate the pattern of the body and handles. Stabs pins. Do not cut out! It is easier to prostrachivat details, especially small ones. They do not stretch and deform. Stitched by the contour, leaving not sewn bottom of the trunk and two centimeters on a side, and a small area on the arm (on the pattern tagged marker).
Finish: by the way, turned out to be more convenient to leave a hole for the eversion is not on his side, and on the crown. Cap will hide the seam.
Now cut out, not forgetting the folds in places to make cuts for better eversion.
From brown cloth tightly cut out bedplate. You can do this from calico, but I like my version)

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Now we sew to the bottom of a body and gut-wrenching detail through the hole on the side. Stuffed with synthetic padding. Sew up a hidden seam hole. Get this:

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Toning. The Internet weight recipes for tinting. I usually do everything by eye, achieving the desired hue by adding my coffee. At this time, all I measured out. The proportions were obtained as follows: 200 ml of warm water diluted with 1 tsp with the most simple slide of instant coffee, add 1 tsp cinnamon, 0.5 bags of vanilla, 2 tsp PVA glue. All mix well. Sponge gently, taking care not to wet the hard toning parts and put them is an unnecessary piece of cloth.

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Here are all the details ready for drying. So, we stamp the kitchen)) I dry in the oven at 50-70 degrees. On the bars put the towel, body snowmen put him to painting turned dries smooth, without smudges. And so they did not fall, it can be something to enclose the sides. Forks, spoons, for example)) (We’re in the kitchen) We are waiting for 15-20 minutes. Pets enjoy coffee and cinnamon aroma. Done!

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Now you are ready to assemble. Sew nose-carrot. His, by the way, it is easier to fill with cotton, not synthetic padding (and he tries to climb out)) contracts for the rounded nose part and sew according to your ideas about its location)

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Prischivaem handle, fixing them buttons. Needle for that comfortable long, I see 9. Nylon Yarn. And the tip of a thread is not dissolved, I drip a drop of glue to the knot point.

Well, there you are at this point:

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However, while they are more similar to penguins, snowmen than)))
Getting to the most interesting! Draw eyes with acrylic paints by mouth can be embroidered. We dress up our friends in winter clothes. Boy – caps girls – Schalke. Done!

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I wish you all endless inspiration

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