How to creating gel candles “Listopad”, decorated in foamirana

Autumn mood finally captured. Inspiring course the smell of fallen leaves, incredible colors and has a warm autumn sun. And just wanted to do something comprehensive. I mean combining several creative directions. Therefore, as a starting point became my favorite foamiran as well as a global idea – gel candle with whirlpool autumn foliage. Plus I wanted to solve the problem of where to put enough small pruning Thomas. And here they found a place.
gel candles
So, for the fall decorations glass legs, we need:
1. Foamiran
2. Acrylic paint
3. Thin floral wire
4. Sponge for washing dishes
5. Iron
6. Mold with good texture sheet
7. Polymer Clay (salt dough, plastics, etc.)
8. Scissors
9. Toothpicks
12. The second adhesive
13. teip Feed
For candle, we will need:
1. Glass glass
2. Gel Candle
3. wick
4. Coloured sand
5. Extra fine salt
6. Paper Cone
7. Plastic or regular spoon
8. Small leaves of foamiranovyh scraps
9. optional Beads
10. Gel yellow dye
11. The stick or skewer
gel candles
1. Make a decoration for glasses legs
Decoration on the stem of the glass do foamirana and polymer clay. and salt dough is suitable in principle.
We start with the preparation of the leaves. Patterns leaves encircle the correct size on a piece of toothpick foamirana. I took the three types of leaves and three basic colors foamirana – olive, lemon and red.
gel candles
Cut leaves toning acrylic paints. I often use the paint on fabric, fit and simple but artistic acrylic paint. For tinting cut into the sponge for washing dishes in small squares, poppy sponge into the prepared palette of color and lightly put on each leaf on both sides. It is important that the sponge was almost dry, otherwise leave ink stains on foamirane.
gel candles
On pieces of smoked thicker tone paint streaks, shading, spots. In short, we do like a real leaf. The degree of realism can be absolutely anyone, it all depends on your specific goals and objectives. I needed hypertrophied leaves, a little cartoon. But reliable. Therefore, the pattern I made symmetrical, distinct for each sheet. What in life, of course, does not happen.
When the leaves are painted, take a thin wire. I went to a very thin white petals in paper braided. Remnants of paint I’m toning it in color and leaf veins do single blank for the simple leaves and twisted wires for the three maple leaves (in the form of a bird’s foot).
gel candles
Our leaves are still lacking texture. She now we are going to do. For this we need the iron sheet and MDL. I use MDL “vine leaf”. We put a piece of paper to the iron (temperature between 1 and 2 bar level) and then immediately to Molde. Properly leaf presses fingers to better texture imprinted.
After we gave the texture of each leaf, we need to glue the wire frame second adhesive. It is needed in order to be able to adjust the curve and shape of each sheet for a harmonious composition.
gel candles
Since I use oak leaves in the composition, I wanted to sculpt themselves acorns. Here we come to the aid of any plastic material – polymer clay, plastic, salty dough, etc. Who likes that more. I happened polymer clay, so I molded from it.
To start giving color acorns and hats. Take small pieces of clay and add the brown paint in a piece for the caps and brown ocher + nuts for themselves.
gel candles gel candles
Kata into the palm nuts and balls to give them an oval shape. Minipoint can prischepnut fingers.
For hats handy stack, but you can do with a pencil or pen. Take the brown bead and dress it on the stack or pencil, flattening and shaping the acorn cap. Then take a small nail clippers and can make cuts with his scissors in a circle hats staggered. The resulting sharp lohmushki slightly smooth, keeping the texture. Remove the hat from the stack or pencil and pierce the center piece of floral wire (I have it from the pruning of leaves skeletons). On the wire making a loop, so that it does not slip. Capa second glue and then glue to the cap nut. Remains of brown clay went on foot to the acorns. After assembly, the acorn is only podtonirovat acrylic, slightly lighten sharp tip and nut caps to emphasize the texture of brown paint. It can be varnished. And all our acorns ready!
gel candles
gel candles
Now we proceed to the assembly of our decorations. All stem leaves wrapped teip-tape. Needless decoration start to collect acorns, they have a central element. They fasten oak leaves, and then all the others, all the twisting wire legs in a spiral. This tail is useful to us, it will lock on the stem of the glass. It now remains only to wind the twisted tail of delays tape and our decoration is ready!
gel candles gel candles
2. Make a gel candle
I love sand nasypushki. Remember, in Egypt, in every corner of the sitting uncles and poured into different shaped bulb is not tricky sandy scenery with mountains and camels. Their “glory” gives me no peace 🙂 and I also decided to try myself in this kind rukotvorchestva. He wanted me to use here in my deciduous candle.
So to start doing nasypushku of colored sand, and common salt. The salt I use as a simple filler to save colored sand.
First of all, you need to understand when to set the candle wick. If in the middle of no composition is not expected, it is possible to glue it to the bottom of the glass and all the manipulations carried out with a wick. Nasypushki me to do so is not convenient, so I put a wick at the end of the process in the finished candle. Therefore, the start of my work with a candle – it nasypushka with leaf pattern.
gel candles
Pour a bit of colored sand on the bottom. Color choose the one that will have the background. On it through a paper cone (you can just spoon) pour salt hill.
gel candles
Next, make a few “hills” on the perimeter of the glass near a window. The whole central part we will continue to fill up with salt, so as not showered colored sand. The recesses are located and our leaflets. Next a layer of sand on top of the background accentuate the contours of the leaves. I took this black sand. Next to the left side recesses spoon pour a small hill of colored sand, and on top of it again give a thin layer of black sand loop. Since forming the plate and leaf veins.
gel candles
Once the pattern is formed by gently skewer ramming the sand, piercing him almost through. But be careful not to spoil the picture. Aligns the salt layer in the middle and sprinkle it on top of colored sand.
gel candles
Fill a candle is better done in several stages. For this part of the gel Gray in the microwave (if someone near water bath, it is possible and on it) until completely dissolved and the minimum amount of bubbles in the thickness of the gel. A better and their complete absence. A thin layer is poured on the sand and wait until it come out of the bubbles. These can pierce the skewer. Then pour another layer of gel, already thicker and place decorative elements in it. Also foamiranovyh leaflets made similarly and simultaneously with the decoration for glasses, I took transparent beads, crystals. They are almost invisible in the thick candles, they only sparkle when they gets daylight or artificial light. This adds flavor.
When the gel is frozen, you can pour the next layer and place a new piece of scenery. Column candle consists of a transparent gel. A top layer I filled in the gel, painted in yellow color. And this is what the result was:
gel candles
Autumn decor can be done not only on the stem of the glass, the candle can be here with the autumn cap:
gel candles
courtesy: livemaster
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