How to creating the interior clocks

interior clocks
How to creating the interior clocks
This workshop is about. I’ll show you in detail and will describe the process of creating the interior clocks in the fall and summer shades of green with an interesting graphic designs.
To repeat my experience in order to create the same hours needed materials and tools on the list below:
– Hour workpiece from a flat transparent glass. The diameter and thickness of the glass are different. The larger and thicker the workpiece, so it is more expensive. For sale such blank through the online stores of products for creativity and crafts. I used a large workpiece: diameter 30 cm, glass thickness of 4 mm;
– Drawing sketch, printed or drawn on a piece of paper, the size of which corresponds to the size of the glass preform;
– Stained glass paint colors selected. I used 5 colors: brown, green, grassy, marsh green, orange, yellow;
– Acrylic contour dark gray;
– White acrylic paint (preferably in the tank);
– Clockwork + arrows. These items are also available in the stores of goods for hobbies and crafts.
To begin with, it is a time of division. I did not want to spoil the decorative figures, so as pointers to time I used the ornamental details. Small in size, elements which correspond to all 12 time division on a conventional dial.
I originally chose certain colors advance and know how I want to paint watch. It is best to use a combination of not more than 3-4 colors. So the picture will look harmonious.
Start with a mossy green color. Paint over the diamonds in the center of the picture. Their four. In general, the whole geometric pattern. So paint it would be easy enough, but interesting.
Add the orange paint. This combination of colors is reminiscent of the coming autumn.
Now we take another green color, but different shades: green herb. I used paint in a tube with a convenient spout. The advantage of stained glass paints in tubes lies in the convenience of their application to glass: it is not necessary to use additional tools palette and simply pour the paint from the tube, pushing the housing bubble. In such tubes the paint does not dry out, which again is very good.
The remaining items (note not the background, and it is closed along the lines of the drawing details) I painted over with green paint hue marsh.
Next to me was a question of background:
– Leave the background is not painted over;
– Paint, but what color;
– Paint completely or partially.
As you can see, there was a lot of questions, and how to solve them?
We need to try and see what will be obtained. If the result is not satisfactory, you can always remove the paint and start anew.
I took the paint bright green hue. Apply the sample paint colors necessarily on a large empty area, then to paint can be erased easily when needed.
And it’s green color I did not like.
The paint is easy to remove, until it has had time to dry. We must act with confidence: just gently wash the paint dry with a paper towel. The paint will be absorbed into the paper.
Next, I decided to try to paint a bright warm yellow, and I liked it.
We start to draw, that is, to apply paint, drawing from the center. It is important to apply the paint to the entire free surface quickly so the paint does not have time to dry.
Here exactly convenient to use paints in tubes rather than in banks.
11 12
Then fill the space between the picture painted parts in all four directions, but consistently. Do not try to paint all at once, it will not work. A little more time and patience, and this is the result.
13 14
Next, begin the steps of drying and assembly.
Day need to dry pattern on the glass, the paint dry completely. After one day overturn the clock pattern inside, and back of the watch cover white acrylic paint. And leave blank for another day to dry completely white paint.
Once the paint is dry, you can attach clockwork, arrows and enjoy the result. Note that the pattern on the clock, you can have whatever you like: either a square or a rhombus (orientation central ornament).
courtesy: liveinternet