Creating mandalas and recycling CDs

Creating mandalas and recycling CDs

Creating mandalas and recycling CDs

Mandala for me is a form of meditation, meeting with your deeper self. Drawing a mandala is a process that outside your feelings as well as being a facilitator for the person turning off some of the little land down here.

But of course mandala is far more than that, it is a way of representing the universe, the eternal, the whole. Spirituality leaving a little aside, the objects of round shapes have had plenty of room in the decorations by remitting the mandala, and rightfully so have become the object of desire of many people.


Applications of the mandala can be present in various objects, and today I found some interesting tips to recycle old CDs and turn them into beautiful mobiles to a balcony or a window, door pendants or key rings, always using the Mandala reason. The tips of the walkthrough are the Monica Keys Zen Craft, note there.


You will need:

– An old CD and a pen to write on CD

– Brilliant dimensional paint

– Stained Glass ink

– Dimensional paint glitter

-pincel fine


1. As suggested by the mandala, you must create the design you want and choose colors that feel inspiration. If you have difficulty at first, choose a design of your choice and transfer to the cd. Remember to make the design on both sides.
2. Once you’ve done the drawing, go around with dimensional paint in the color you want and allow to dry.
3. Once dry, fill the spaces with the colors of your own, using the fine brush and stained glass paint. Fill in all the spaces and let it dry from one day to the other. The tip of Monica is always paint the center to the edges.
4. With all the paint has dried, use the dimensional glitter paint to details such as dots and arabesques. Monica suggests also paste bugle beads, sequins and vitrilhos to give a charm to more.And another cool tip is to reuse old costume jewelry stones.
5. After you make a hole in the top using hot needle. For this hole you will pass the string you will use to hang your mobile. You can incremetar the cord with beads and stones.
   Its mandala is ready and your cd recycled in a very special way. Use your creativity and let the mandala speak for you.


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