Creative of wine corks

Creative of wine corks

Creative of wine corks

Such fine work of thick wine corks was not yet in my view … But what is interesting and creative work

The idea of ​​exciting and new opportunities


Everything in it is good: and cork and jute, and frame.

The hardest part of this project cut cork thin petals. The author was cutting with a sharp knife (without teeth) and kitchen scissors. And she admits that it was not easy to cut. Obviously, she does not know the master secret in traffic jams, I do not even think of how this secret with her to share 🙂

And let me remind you: to cork were cut with ease, enough of them to boil a few minutes. Tilt in a colander, allow to cool slightly and dry. And you’re ready to create any masterpiece sacrament.

All the rest – a matter of technique and imagination


Cut out traffic jams petals and strips


We are looking for suitable and paint (wide) frame. Glued cork glue Moment Universal


We are looking for a suitable picture better than the old, it is more suitable for this frame. We can even make old photo with coffee or tea))) Great idea.



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