Curtains made of plastic bottles

Curtains made of plastic bottles


Hello, dear readers! Water in plastic bottles for many of us has become part of life, and that if the application thereby find the bottle? For example, to make interesting curtains, transparent room dividers or curtains for an outdoor gazebo ?! In today’s review will consider two types of curtains from plastic bottles!

Curtains made of plastic bottles will visually resemble large, floating, transparent color, with shimmering glitter falling sun. Perhaps many will say, “Oh, that’s that, and those curtains I just do not need!” But designer Michelle Brand, invent such curtains, thinks differently, because thus she performed for the secondary use of the objects surrounding us.And for the idea, Michelle won a lot of awards from environmentalists, and perhaps soon, it will come up as effectively you can apply the rest of the bottle, not just bed plate!



How to make curtains from plastic bottles.

What is needed?

✓ Plastic bottle 0.5 ml (depending on the width and height of the flag will change the number of bottles);

✓ scissors and a knife;

✓ Sand in a metal bowl or pan;

✓ Robust line.



Let’s start by cutting off the bottom of the bottle, using a knife or scissors. Neatly trimmed with scissors edge, giving the bottoms smooth shape of a flower, ie not just cut cleanly and make a small indentation. Then immerse bed plate bottles preheated in a pan sand. Immerse literally a few seconds, this time would be enough for easy sharp edges. Incidentally, at the time of immersion of the plastic in the sand, at the same time deepening future “flower.”


According to the above scheme, prepare the necessary number of “flower”, which are then strung on twine. Punctures in the bottom of a better make an awl. Connect “floral bottoms” can be strung on the line by the type of beads or create whole cloth by making punctures in different parts , in which thread the fishing line. Incidentally, these curtains, it can be supplemented by large coloured beads or ribbons of burlap. Curtains made of beads can be found here , and the curtains from burlap here .





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