Cushion with cheerful flowers

Cushion with cheerful flowers Cushion with cheerful flowers

Cushion with cheerful flowers

Greetings to all mothers and grandmothers kids who know how to sew and love beautiful things for interior decoration) Do not want to sew a pillowcase for a child’s pillow? Very nice cushion with cheerful flowers will fit perfectly into the interior of a child’s room, will spring a positive mood, give warmth and comfort. Oh, I do not for one sewing … My daughter is quite adult, and so want to …)

Most of all I like this idea that the fabric does not need to buy, sew pillowcases can take the old linens, and for the application can always be found scraps of colored printed fabric, using again the old clothes.


For sewing pillowcases with application we need the following materials:

  • white cotton fabric – sew cushion covers;
  • scraps of colored printed cotton fabric – for the application;
  • clothesline:
  • scissors;
  • thread;
  • needle and bulavochki;
  • sewing machine;
  • sintepon or any other filler;
  • lightning;
  • buttons – for eye florets.
    Below you can see a pattern of flowers, petals and leaves, which should be increased to the size of children’s pillows.


Getting Started, preparing all of the above materials. The fabric cut into strips 12 to 20 cm, we put a strip in half lengthwise, cut out the template and drag the petals of flowers on the fabric. No cutting, paving the line on the sewing machine on the edge of the petals. Then, cut them along the edges of the incision with scissors and make a gut-wrenching.



For flower stalks will need a strip of cloth 42 cm 2. Administration is to sew a pillowcase, to its upper side with synthetic padding or other sealant.


Cut out and sew the leaves. In the middle, make a cut and gut-wrenching detail.


For edging needed rectangles 10 by 4.5 cm – only 20 pieces and clothesline


Sutured to the pillowcase lightning See more ideas in category Sewing