Very cute spring bracelet


Very cute spring bracelet

This workshop is for those who want to make a beautiful bracelet with your hands, but do not know how. Fabrication of each element of the bracelet is accompanied by detailed step by step photos and explanations. It is very bright and easy, but the work you need care and patience.


What is needed?

  • Swarovski crystals in the shape of petals and leaves
  • round faceted bead 10 mm
  • tapered faceted beads 6mm
  • wire gold color number 26, number 28, number 18,
  • Clippers
  • ball point pen


To produce one large flower, you will need 12 inches of wire number 26 (about 30 cm), four large crystal in the shape of petals and a large faceted bead. For bracelet need 2 of the flower. Now the process: Dial the wire 4 crystal.


Form a loop by pulling the wire through all 4 crystal.


One end of the wire pull through 2 adjacent petals.
The other end of the wire will look in the opposite direction.


Add one round bead on one end of the wire, pass through it a second end of the wire and tighten.


You will have a flower with a central circular bead.
Tighten both ends of the wire and twist into a single stem.
The first big flower ready


For the manufacture of small flowers, you will need three small crystal in the form of petals, 30 cm wire number 28 and 23 cm wire number 26 and one small cone-shaped bead. For bracelet need 3 of the flower. Enter the wire length of 30 cm three crystals, skip through them the other end of the wire and tighten.


Dial the wire length 23 cm one small tapered bead wire ends bend down.
Insert it into the center of the flower petals of the three.
All the ends of the wires (there are 4) joined together and twist into a single stem.


For the manufacture of twigs you need 1.5 yards (about 137 cm) wire number 26, the crystals in the form of petals, and cone-shaped and round beads. For bracelet requires 3 large and 3 small sprigs. Now the process: Enter the wire in the form of a single crystal leaves. Measure from one end of the wire 23 cm to this point slide the bead. The other end of the wire, which was long, thread through the bead loop. loop lock bead in place.


Twist the ends of the wire by about 2-2.5 cm.
At the long end of the wire add another crystal in the shape of a leaf.
Be between the stem and the second leaf distance of 2 cm.


Twist the ends of the wire to the second leaf sprigs.


Twist the ends of the wire to the second leaf sprigs.


Repeat the same procedure with the third leaf.
For the manufacture of small twigs you will need only two leaves.


Now you can add a sprig of beads of different shapes and colors, it is to your taste.
Do not forget to attach beads, twisting the ends of the wire stems.


Alternate long small branches, does not necessarily make it the same.
Add beads of different shapes, for example, are added to the bead in the form of a butterfly.


Large sprig should roughly look like this by the number of beads and branches.



Assembling bracelet fairly simple, mainly used technique of twisting. Now the process: Put one large and one small branch together, putting a little on the large 2.5 cm below. Then twist the stems together.



For manufacturing bases for use wire bracelet number 18.
Cut off about 1, 5 meters.
Take a pen and screw hinges. First 2 sts, leaving a tail of 2-3 cm.
Then again, we turn 2 sts, repeat. The hinges do a little larger in size.
We continue to twist, alternating up and down, leaving a distance of 2-3 cm.
Fold the chain twice, try to hand. If the length is not sufficient basis for a bracelet, keep doing the loop.
When the length is enough, fold in half and unfold chain loops to the basis for a bracelet to get a flat.
At the end of the stem loop, twist and secure the wire end.


On each side of the base start to weave on a twig.
Screw them ends at approximately the same distance from the edges of the base.


Third sprig thread through the loop in the center of the basics bracelet.


Tighten the ends and cut the tails.


Then screw in the same way and beautiful flowers unfold all branches on a bracelet.


Trim all excess tails and attach to the hand. Nothing should be cut or chop.


Now we need to consolidate all of the elements.
To do this, take a thin wire and wrap it all part of the bracelet, but very carefully.


Try again bracelet. Adjust the length, compressing or stretching the base.
Install the zip tie or tape.