Daisies from a flask

Daisies from a flask

Daisies from a flask

What is the charm of this waste material. Bottles of water, milk, yogurt, sour cream cans are indispensable raw material for creativity.


Today I want to introduce you to a bunch of daisies in a plastic bowl made of white plastic bottles to decorate the reception room for the holiday March 8.

Not many, not enough – is all that is needed for the daisies:

  • yogurt bottles,
  • Cocktail tubes
  • jars of shoe covers, but rather cap.


Cut off the bottom of a bottle and cut flower.


Then glue the yellow cap-center and-stick tube.

All this is making sure the adhesive gun.

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Leaflets are cut out of the straw, the pre-cutting of iron and iron.


Now the vase:

bottle of yogurt and bottom of a bottle of milk, cut flowers with a hole in the middle for the decoration of the vase.

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I began to weave through one strip does not stick, plastic keeps the shape well.

10 11


Then beauty in a daisy stem vase insert for stability glued to the disc.


The vase is ready, put it in a bouquet of daisies.


Courtesy: maam.ru