Decor pot made newspaper tubes

newspaper tubes

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Decor pot made newspaper tubes

Decor pot I made newspaper tubes, I really like the products made in this style. Offers an easy way how to decorate the pot with his own hands.


To work you will need:

  • Pot.
  • Clay time.
  • PVA glue.
  • Newspaper tube.
  • Mordant water based.
  • Acrylic matte varnish.

Decor pot method of making a photo:

How to newspaper tubes described in detail in the section Cart own hands

Here’s a pot I was graced newspaper tubes.


First winding tubes stand on the pot. The first duct fix glue point and further increasing the winding tube.


Then, too, fixing torque tube wrapped with the tip.


Putting the pot. Well we coat it with white glue. Give dry.


Then cover the stain, giving dry and cover the pot with varnish.

Decor pot ready. Good luck to all in the works!



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