How to make decorate a birdhouse

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Now you will see that it is not difficult. These master classes several times I spent in the sponsored children’s homes for children between the ages of about 10-13 years. And every spring we traditionally and successfully organize such mass training for the participants of subbotnik on the Sparrow Hills. So, take the child in his arms, prepare tools and forth. Useful pastime, as well as the output cute decoration for the holiday area is guaranteed. Explain in detail will be about the same as my kids patronized.

nesting box

For work, we need materials:
– One size 800h300mm board, 18mm thick. These are sold in DIY stores, referred to as “laminated wood panels.” Traditionally, birdhouses take material coarser and simpler, but to work with children, especially for further decoration, this option is the most optimal.
– Jigsaw sawing a type T101A0 (or any other for finish cutting the figure)
– Electric drill with a drill 4mm
– Crosshead screwdriver
– Self (3,5h41mm coarse thread) – 18 pieces
– Ruler, pencil
– Sandpaper medium grain.
Building materials should be used sparingly. Especially if we are talking about wood. After all, we certainly are concerned that the area of forest in the world is rapidly shrinking. Therefore, we will make sure that our production waste has been minimal, and do the blank layout correctly.
The layout of the board size 300h800mm do as follows:
Master Class
Since the size of the boards, and consequently the finished birdhouse can be and others, it is important to consider the following basic points:
  1. If you want the bottom of the birdhouse was more or less square, the width of parts A (this is the front and rear wall) must be greater than the width of the parts in and C (this marginalia and bottom) for about two board thicknesses. This is logical. In this case, the board thickness of about 2 cm – 17cm are respectively front and rear, and 13 cm for the side.
  2. Since during operation (as when marking and when cutting) there are always some error, the length of the blanks in the best opredelyatpo place, focusing on the respective faces of blanks A . And the length of the workpiece With better determine later (after assembly A + B), specifically at the place, so the initial bit of the cut boards leave remaining after separating it from parts B1 and B2unchanged.
  3. The angle of the roof in parts A to be 90 0 degrees, and the verge of contact with the side walls must be equal (unless of course the design idea does not provide construction crooked birdhouse, and whether this happens you know). To achieve the correct result, only need to correctly mark the workpiece, putting in all directions from the center line of the same segments (see diagram below), equal to half the width. Like this. If you do not trust yourself, attach a square with a right angle, make sure that everything is accurate.
After graduating with a marking, saw off all items jigsaw. In principle, it is possible and normal hacksaw, but I got used to the electric tool. In addition, the children is difficult to cope with manual sawing, painful cuts are obtained rough, and then because of the distortions assembly goes much more problematic. With an electric tool to work faster and easier, but be sure to monitor that all was safe. Do not leave the child alone with the tool, and immediately stop any attempt to fool around.
Plane after sawing gently treat sandpaper medium grain, so that the product was beautiful and safe. Strong polish is not necessary, but all the bumps and splinters sources should be eliminated.
Take the items K1 and K2 . It will be half the roof of the birdhouse. Immediately drill into the details of K2 two holes and connect with two screws to the part K1 like this, as in the photo does my son Dima. Although a person can certainly make easier …
The roof is ready, if still will wait on the sidelines. In the meantime, we will collect the rest.
The window through which the starling walks to his home, called “notches”. Typically it has a round shape and midsize starling about 45mm in diameter. For our modification form birdhouse letka be such as in the picture below. Center tap-hole located on the central vertical axis of the workpiece A1 , putting approximately 2/3 the height (in this case – 20 cm). Pencil draw the outline of the future hole.
Drill a hole in the center of the tap-hole. Such that the web is held in his jigsaw. Usually, in order not to change the drill bit on the thicker, I gently swinging motion drill hole extends to the desired size. From start to cut the center hole, gradually leaving the arc on the right path.
Stepping on 15mm from the bottom of tap-hole drill holes for fastening the hearth. Hearth can be made from a small piece of the board, giving it with a knife and nazhdachki cylindrical. But I usually buy in the store, wooden bars of 10-12 mm in diameter, and ones napilivayu pieces about 60-70 mm in length. Perch attached to the part A1 with one screw.
To the birds was comfortable, the inner surface of the front wall of the birdhouse should be rough because of the claws to cling to a smooth surface they are uncomfortable. With the help of a drill, a knife or other improvised objects attach the workpiece desired state.
To connect the body parts birdhouse drill 5 holes on the front and rear walls (see photo). The holes are located on the distance from the edge of the board, equal to half of its thickness (9 mm), mounting screws to fall clearly in the middle of the attachable parts.
Putting the item A1 to the edges, aligning them with the lower edge:
And then Do the same with the rear wall:
Now you need to adjust the place of bottom of a birdhouse. Fit it should be tight, that there were no gaps. Drafts young chicks do not need.
Part C is oriented in the direction of the fibers, similar marginalia in . Since the width they have the same (13cm), it remains to choose only one size. To do this, a ruler measure the desired parameter (see photo) and lay it on the bottom of the workpiece. We saw off the excess, and we now have the correct item C .
If done correctly, the bottom is firmly sits in its place. You can gently knock out her hammer. And then through the holes in the front and rear walls fix it with two self-tapping screws:
For the installation of the roof is drilled 4 holes in it so that the back wall of the distance of the holes from the edge of the roof was 9-10mm and the distance between the rear and the front hole on each face was equal to 14,8mm. The roof will be aligned with the rear wall, and will be slightly overhanging canopy above the tap hole.
At the end joinery, start art-design.
For decoration using acrylic paints. First gruntuem body birdhouse with white paint, and the roof – black or brown. By the way, it is more convenient to paint the roof in the removed state. White paint is better to take the mat, it will be better to go to color. On a white background pencil plot the contours of the future picture, and then – a trick. Contours with a fine brush (prefer synthetics №2) encircle black acrylic. When the paint dried up completely, cover the entire surface of the acrylic varnish for protection from the harmful effects of the environment.Experience shows that when such technology birdhouse painting retains the original appearance of at least a couple of seasons, without fear of the summer heat, rain, or winter frosts.
Decorative elements (fence, pipe) Scrollsaw pieces of boards left after cutting, or any other scrap materials. For small items more appropriate plastic or thin wooden reechki. Stained blank acrylic paints. Between themselves and to fix their birdhouse glue such as “time”, “time-installation,” super-glue. Please note that the hot-melt gun for this case will not work, because in the heat of the birdhouse is heated by the sun and “loses” glued elements thus. The tube is attached to the roof of the self-tapping inside the house. To do this, drilled a vertical hole in the roof.
In order to hang the birdhouse, there are different ways. Usually we are attached to the rear wall of a long stick, and the stick that tie him to a tree or nailed to some barn. Hang recommended in the vertical state without tilting, at a minimum height of 3-4 meters, it is desirable to orient in space, so that in the hot afternoon sun’s rays do not fall on a birdhouse, and predatory animals was difficult to get to letka.Posle each season birdhouse should be removed and clean bird for it will say thank you very much. To clean enough to unscrew the roof of the birdhouse and to shake the old litter.


I hope my instructions will be useful, and will result in a surge in your imagination. Because, as you know, birdhouses design options can be vast. If in turn you will find the time to share their experience, I will be very grateful …
courtesy: livemaster

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